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SuprGlu your online accounts or start a feed aggregator in minutes

Do you use Flickr? Do you tag sites with Do you have a blog? You can gather all your data in these services into one SuprGlu account.

SuprGlu “gathers your content from popular webservices and publishes them in one convenient place and presents your content with simple, great looking templates which you can customize.”

I agree with the “great looking templates” part. Although it offers only three choices, all the templates are really good, especially “Scotch Tape.” Check my SuprGlu site by clicking here.

SuprGlu pulls publicly available data on several web services through feeds like RSS and Atom. With this, you can start your own feed aggregator in minutes by adding the RSS and Atom feeds of sites you want to include. I might start one for Bisaya Bloggers.

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Rolling out my own “Friendster” service

When I found the link to, I was intrigued. The company, co-founded by Gina Bianchini and Marc Andreessen, bills itself as a “playground” for building social applications. I immediately applied for an account and requested for beta developer status.

Only beta developers can clone applications. It took me a few days to be given the beta developer account but when I got the e-mail yesterday, I immediately started playing with’s services. The first application I cloned was for social networking ala Friendster or FaceBook.

I initially cloned the Bulldogster application to serve as the online storage of profiles of Bisaya Bloggers group members. But I found going through the codes and changing the fields tedious – I was really impatient, I went over the codes for less than five minutes and then gave up. I’d repeatedly miss references to pets or animals in several files. I found that after I’ve set things up – the profile editing field would ask members their breed or favorite park.

I decided to just clone the dating application. The service is now up, it’s at I’m thinking of cloning the bookmarking application next.

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Yahoo 360 test run

Iím trying out Yahoo 360, the Internet pioneerís social networking (think Friendster) and blogging service.

Yahoo 360, still in beta or testing phase, looks great but it isnít compelling enough to draw away current users of Blogger, Friendster or Multiply. Yahoo 360 is similar to, a social networking site with ability to create blogs, and Friendster, which also recently added blogs, powered by TypePad, to its services.