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eyeOS: Get your own web-based operating system

Iíve long wanted to try out eyeOS, an open source web-based desktop system, but have never found the time to install it in one of my free PHP/MySQL accounts. Installing it in my current web host is out of the question: Iíve long learned, rather painfully, never to try scripts in my web server.

eyeOS recently opened a site that allows you to use the program without having to install it. You can open an eyeOS account with With eyeOS, you can have a calendar or agenda organizer, contacts database and word processor that is accessible anywhere. All these come in a very beautiful virtual desktop interface.

The script may not offer the same functionalities as Goowy yet but itís an open source project and will likely improve and expand features with each coming releases. It also loads faster than Goowy.

Here are a few screenshots of eyeOS:

This is the main screen. eyeOS offers several themes to control the appearance of the interface. It also allows you to customize the wallpaper.

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Get a beta free personal website: Google Page Creator now live

Get a better personal website with Google Page Creator. Google Page Creator allows users to easily run and maintain a website and create web pages using a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) visual editor. I tested the service half an hour ago (screenshots below) and found it very easy to use and customize.

Google Page Creator offers a lot of great-looking templates. To design websites, users merely choose from a wide selection of pre-made templates, similar to what Blogger offers its users.

Users can also choose from a variety of webpage layouts-single column, two columns and three columns.

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Best Web 2.0 applications

Dion Hinchcliffe lists in his blog what he considers as the top Web 2.0 software of the year. And as with any blog post, check out the comments for links to more services. Here are some of Hinchcliffeís picks according to categories: for social bookmarking. Blinklist, Shadows and Clipmarks are runners up.

Netvibes for start pages. Protopage and Start and runners-up. Isnít Start now Iím no fan of online start pages. I use a combination of online RSS reader (Google Reader) and ZiddlyWiki to manage my online information.

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Forget Windows Live, get a Goowy account

While looking at various other online services to update my “The network is my computer” post, I found a link to Goowy, a word play on GUI or graphical user interface. The free service is simply astounding and it makes look like the work of amateurs.

Goowy is a free online portal that simulates a desktop with a two-gigabyte email account, calendar, contacts database, an RSS reader and even games. The service, however, is still slow compared to Netvibes and Protopage but its interface is the most desktop-like among the services I have tried so far. (Screenshots after the link)

And when Goowy starts offering its planned virtual file storage and instant messaging, it will become the Google of online personal portals (unless Google buys it first.)