Best Web 2.0 applications

Dion Hinchcliffe lists in his blog what he considers as the top Web 2.0 software of the year. And as with any blog post, check out the comments for links to more services. Here are some of Hinchcliffe’s picks according to categories: for social bookmarking. Blinklist, Shadows and Clipmarks are runners up.

Netvibes for start pages. Protopage and Start and runners-up. Isn’t Start now I’m no fan of online start pages. I use a combination of online RSS reader (Google Reader) and ZiddlyWiki to manage my online information.

Voo2Do for online to-do lists with Ta-da Lists and RememberTheMilk as runners up. After reading this post, I immediately logged into the Voo2Do account I opened and abandoned a few months back to check what I’ve been missing. After checking it out for a couple of minutes, I decided that RememberTheMilk fits the way I work better.

Flickr for best image storage and sharing. This is beyond question. Flickr is absolutely the best photo storage service out there.

Check his post for the full list.

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