Socialists and winos: the year in media errors and corrections

Regret The Error has published its annual roundup of top media errors and corrections. Its top correction of the year went to Denver Daily News’ apology for calling New Jersey ‘Jew Jersey.’

The typo of the year went to Reuters for reporting the recall of 94,400 pounds of ground beef panties.

First runner-up is Dallas Morning News for this correction:

Norma Adams-Wade’s June 15 column incorrectly called Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk a socialist. She is a socialite.

Second runner up was the Liverpool Daily News for the replacement of WNO (Welsh National Opera) with winos, because of an error in the use of a spell checker.

In pope-related errors, the Daily Press in Virginia had to apologize for quoting then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as saying during Pope John Paul II’s funeral: “Today we bury his remains in the earth as a seed of immorality.”

Check out the full listing of top media errors and corrections by clicking this link.

Year of Pinoy Blogs

That’s the headline of the Philippine Journalism Review story on the Oct. 22 conference on blogging and journalism. The conference was organized by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism. I can’t find an online version of the article but here’s a scanned copy of the page:


If you’re interested, here are photos I took of the event.

Deferred success my gluteus maximus

An association of teachers had considered a proposal to use “deferred success” as euphemism for “fail.”

According to the Global Language Monitor: “The Professional Association of Teachers in the UK considered a proposal to replace any notion of failure with deferred success in order to bolster students self-esteem.”

Among the euphemisms spotted this year are: misguided criminals for terrorist (used by the BBC); thought shower or word shower for brainstorm so as not to offend those with brain disorders; womyn for women; and Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings in place of Christmas greetings containing the word Christmas.

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Blast from the past: a comment I posted in 1997

What’s your oldest online posting that is still accessible? Mine was written in 1997. It’s a guest book entry in The Slot, a site that contains a lot of tips for copy editors. I wrote the guestbook entry when I was still with The Freeman. The entry is so old I even signed it as “Max Sherwin Limpag.” Bill Walsh started The Slot in 1995. He now updates his blog more often than he writes new tips for The Slot.

Smart takes down Addict Mobile portal; lesson to PR officers: monitor blogs

I discussed in my Cell.Talk column yesterday in Sun.Star Cebu the issue of pornographic images in Addict Mobile’s portal. I was surprised why the images were still up even days after PinoyTechBlog reported on it. It shows that the company does not monitor blogs.

I’m reprinting my column below. Yesterday, the central newsroom received an e-mail from an official of the company thanking me for raising the issue and informing me that the site has been taken down temporarily. I checked and it is indeed down.

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Court orders PCIJ to remove blog post

Quezon City Regional Trial Court Presiding Judge Ralph S. Lee issued a temporary restraining order against the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ). The media group was ordered to remove a blog post on the credentials and background of Jonathan Tiongco, the “audio expert” presented by Sec. Michael Defensor to question the authenticity of the Hello Garci tapes. The post, though, is still cached in Google and can still be read and downloaded. PCIJ plans to question the order in the Supreme Court. Padayon PCIJ! Read the rest of the story at the PCIJ blog.

Journalists who dont yet ‘get’ blogs

Journalism consultant Paul Conley describes three groups of journalists based on their awareness on blogging. The first group, which he describes as the “bright and ambitious,” has a good understanding of web logs and ‘at least a passing understanding of the fundamental shifts in media.’

The second group, Conley writes, ‘consists of people who don’t understand a thing about conversational editorial, but think that they do.’ He says these people demonstrate ‘shockingly low levels of curiosity.’ Conley says that if a publishers convinces someone from this group to blog, ‘all you’ll get is a poorly written column that appears in reverse chronological order.’ The blog, he says, ‘won’t be conversational.’

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Coming soon from PCIJ: podcasts

A few months after starting its blog, the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism is set to produce podcasts. According to this story, the podcasts are to be delivered in a radio show model, complete with speakers, guests, background music and sound clips.

This is great news. With blogging, PCIJ broke free from its previous news cycle. As I said in an earlier post: Before starting their blog, PCIJ was largely left out of the day to day coverage of news events. Youd expect PCIJs take on a news event weeks after the story breaks and it would come in a multi-page and multi-part article that would thoroughly dissect the issue.

Institutional support for Pinoy journalists who blog

A broadcast station is reportedly due to issue corporate guidelines on blogging. Among other things, the guidelines bar its workers from blogging about work. On the other hand, another broadcast station is very supportive of the blogging efforts of its Malacaang reporter.

During last Saturday’s blogging conference organized by PCIJ, the institutional support for journalists who want to blog was a common item in media workers’ wishlist. Institutional support could come in the way of hosting the journalists’ blogs or helping them set it up.

Abe Olandres tech demo Blogging's effect on mainstream media Blogging Ethics Yvonne talks on the basics of blogging

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OJR article on making money from news content

How to make money on your news content website : From Online Journalism Review. This would have been a great link to share with participants of the PCIJ conference on Bloggers as Journalists as an introduction. Bloggers, of course, have long known about these programs. The article, by the way, is published as a wiki. On a completely different issue, reading this site has made me realize I may be missing a lot by not watching Pinoy Big Brother. Did the show actually air this?