Court orders PCIJ to remove blog post

Quezon City Regional Trial Court Presiding Judge Ralph S. Lee issued a temporary restraining order against the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ). The media group was ordered to remove a blog post on the credentials and background of Jonathan Tiongco, the “audio expert” presented by Sec. Michael Defensor to question the authenticity of the Hello Garci tapes. The post, though, is still cached in Google and can still be read and downloaded. PCIJ plans to question the order in the Supreme Court. Padayon PCIJ! Read the rest of the story at the PCIJ blog.

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2 responses

  1. The PCIJ lawyers will make mincemeat of the TRO for being moot, and the libel case will suffer the fate of 99.9% of such suits against working journalists: dismissed for lack of merit. Only Ramon Tulfo has gotten convicted of libel recently that I can remember. Pure Bloggers in general have lil to worry about. But main stream media is a bit more vulnerable…especially the “mestizos.” Ahem.

  2. DJB,
    especially the “mestizos” 🙂


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