Listing of top Philippine news sites

The government-owned Philippine News Agency listed yesterday the top mainstream Philippine news websites based on Netcraft ranking. The data is taken from browsing habits of users of the Netcraft toolbar. I don’t know how big and representative that user base is.

I also don’t know how PNA compiled the list, I tried looking for a listing of the top Philippine sites in Netcraft but couldn’t find one. There’s a listing of the most visited websites with site rank scores but this isn’t grouped by countries and there isn’t even a link to succeeding pages. You can also get the site ranking when you do a web server query in Netcraft. I don’t know if you can access the list if you have the Netcraft toolbar, which I don’t (I hate toolbars-except for the web developer toolbar for Firefox).
Here are parts of the PNA story:

“MANILA, Jan. 20 (PNA) – The government-owned Philippines News Agency website has landed in the 10 most popular news sites in the country, a strong sign that people want also the good news….

SunStar, a Cebu-based chain of provincial newspapers, has been listed by Netcraft as the most-visited Filipino websites, followed by the Daily Inquirer/GMA (inq7), and next by the newsBalita.

The top 10 are: SunStar, Daily Inquirer/GMA, newsBalita, Philippine Star, ABS-CBN, Manila Bulletin, Manila Times, Malaya, Philippine News Agency, and Journal Group.

Here’s PNA’s ranking of the sites:
1: Sun.Star 2,518
2: Daily Inquirer/GMA 3,320
3: newsBALITA 4,989
4: Philippine Star 5,580
5: ABS-CBN 10,029
6: Manila Bulletin 11,549
7: Manila Times 16,680
8: Malaya 25,746
9: Philippine News Agency 49,368
10: Journal Group 56,801
11: Daily Tribune 82,215
12: Manila Standard 83,102
13: Philippine Headline News 96,046
14: Abante 120,524
15: Abante Tonite 143,651
16: Newsbreak Online 216,768
17: Business World 267,385
18: Minda News 342,468
19: Cyberdyaro 398,530
20: Bulalat 738,857