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Occasionally, you come across a website or an online service that makes you stop everything you’re doing because you absolutely have to try it. I had that experience with MeasureMap, Crazy Egg, Wridea, Lightbox, Zooomr and now 103bees.

I read about the free website traffic analytics tool in this post in Performancing, a site that should be listed in your RSS feed reader if you’re a blogger. I read about the service shortly after the paper was put to bed early today and went to the site for a cursory browsing of its features. I was hooked.

I signed up for the service a few minutes ago to check the data it gathers and I’m very impressed with its reporting. Activating your account is very easy, you just copy a snippet of code and, if you’re using WordPress, paste it in your footer.php theme file. (click on photos to view larger images)

If you care about your website’s performance in search engines, 103bees should be the first service you sign up to, it is that good.

103bees keywords tagcloud103bees gives you website numbers and more, much more. It tells you how people get to your site, from which search engine, and what search phrase. It lists how many visitors came to your site via specific search engines. It also tells you your top landing pages, search terms, and keywords. Its tag cloud of your top search terms is really great and gives you a visual representation of your top-ranking keywords.

Features of 103bees are found in other website analytics tools (if you’re a blogger, check my previous roundup of blog metrics tools) but I really like its simple and intuitive interface to your data. I think I’ll be checking my 103bees account more than I’ll be visiting my other metrics services.

103bees 103bees website analytics 103bees website analytics 103bees website analytics

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  1. Did you ever try Analytics from Google? This one is nice but Google’s is a bit more powerful. I recently posted about it, but if I was you, you should try it if you haven’t.

  2. Luna,
    Yes, I’ve been using Google Analytics in this site for several months already. It’s a good total metrics package, particularly its overlay feature. 103bees is a great metrics tool for search engine optimization.

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