Stop vigilante killings, Cebu City councilors ask police

Cebu City will continue to bear its new label “Murder City” if the city police can’t stop the series of vigilante killings that has claimed 102 lives as of last Monday, Sun.Star Cebu reported.

Councilors say they will call for changes in local police leadership if these killings continue. Councilor Procopio Fernandez said in a privilege speech that if police and other law enforcement agencies cannot stop the summary executions, the council could conclude that authorities are “either poor in their performance or are condoning the killings.”

A group, meanwhile, called up Sun.Star Superbalita to claim 82 of the murders. The caller said they resorted to summary executions “because he and his group have become frustrated with the country’s justice system.”

The caller said: “We are putting our lives at risk so we can help victims of robberies and drugs. We are asking for the public’s understanding.”

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