Cebu City Hall, Capitol are blogging

I found this morning, via Technorati, a link to a new blog by the Cebu City Government. From the date of the “Hello World” entry, which is automatically published when you install WordPress, Blog Cebu City was set up only yesterday.

It appears that the site is still being configured-what with the default Hello World entry and the WordPress standard blogroll still there. It already has two posts, though, one on the search for the child-friendly Cebu City barangay and the other on the tax declaration on machinery. This is a great move by Cebu City Hall and I wish more local governments would follow its lead.

The Cebu Provincial Government, on the other hand, already has a blog and since Sept. 21, there had been only one entry. I don’t know if Capitol plans to continue with it or they’re just testing it but the feedback on that single entry is good.

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