Rebuilding Real Madrid

With the end of the first module of my online course on online journalism, I’ve been able to finally play fixtures in my EASports Fifa 2005 career. I made Ajax of Amsterdam the Dutch League champion and Champions League winner. I’ve since transferred to Real Madrid.

Real Madrid, in real life and in the Fifa 2005 world, has a lot of world-class players (5-stars in Fifa 2005) and it shouldn’t have problems winning games except for its namby-pamby possession style of playing. In Fifa 2005, I changed Real Madrid’s formation to 4-1-2-1-2 (essentially a diamond midfield but replacing the defensive midfield with a center back.)

I created a new striker (Fifa 2005 allows you to create new players) with exceptional skills, named him after my eldest son and placed him in front with either Ronaldo, Raul or Michael Owen. I used to field Raul as attacking midfield but I replaced him when I bought Rafael van der Vaart from Ajax. I sold Guti and Helguerra. I bought a French defender (A. Coupet I don’t know if there really is such a player or this is just a generated player by Fifa 2005) and Chelsea’s Ferreira to boost my right defensive zone to anticipate Michel Salgado’s retirement.

My new lineup rocks. I simulated its match with Barcelona in Nou Camp and by halftime the score was already 3-0 in my favor with goals from D. Limpag, Van der Vaart and Ronaldo. I wanted to get into the scoring fray and intervened – I scored two more goals (D. Limpag and Michael Owen). In the two goals I scored, David Beckham played key roles by supplying the long range passes from midfield.

Now I can’t watch Real Madrid’s matches without my fingers twitching and inevitably, I’d end up in front of the PC after watching coverages of the games.

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  1. Hey the frontline of Madrid in FIFA has Owen as the fastest and Ronaldo a little bit behind. The player you got from Lyon Coupet is good but Ferreira isnt that strong in FIFA try getting a Ferdinand or a Terry although Casillas is mighty. Good luck Hala Madrid

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