Are you willing to play Warcraft for hours each day for P10,000 a month?

There’s an active discussion over on the advertisement by a Cebu company seeking players of World of Warcraft. Here’s a link to my earlier post containing a copy of the ad. Migs Paraz earlier asked in PinoyTechBlog: “Is it all that good, or is it a “Third world MMOG sweatshop?” Read for yourself but I’m really interested in pursuing this story. I hope to do legwork for the story after I finish my final paper for an online course I’m taking.

Early in the discussion (which is conducted in Cebuano so I’m providing translations), a poster asked how much the players would be earning.

One poster then said that the rate was P50 for eight hours of playing the game. Various other posters then criticized the rate with many saying it’s not even enough for fare to and from the office as well as meals. The rate, though, is higher than what a poster described as ‘pakan-on ug pan init unya paimnon ug Sparkle‘ (served hot bread and Sparkle.)


Now this is the perfect job

I was scanning the classified ads section of Sun.Star Cebu last night when I found this advertisement (see photo below) offering to pay people to play World of Warcraft. The company is looking for ‘professional gamers.’ This would be a great job, just a step or two below being a professional blogger. I wonder if they’re looking for players of Fifa 2005 (I havenít tried Fifa 2006 yet)?



Pro Evolution Soccer 4 not as good as Fifa 2005

Here’s a review I wrote for Sun.Star Cebu’s Cybercafe page last year. I posted this in one of the previous versions of Leon Kilat: The Cybercafe Experiments.

THE first time I played Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 4, I was a little bit disappointed.

I’ve been playing EA Sports’ Fifa franchise for months, starting with Fifa 2004 and then Fifa 2005 (which I’ll review for Cybercafe in the coming issues).

Unlike EA Sports, Konami failed to get licenses from many football leagues and national teams for their PES 4. As a result, the German national team has as goalkeeper a certain Kalm, which, at first glance, you might misread for (Oliver) Kahn.

If not for persistent reviews that PES 4’s game play is better, I wouldn’t have bothered installing the game. While checking on soccer gaming websites for Fifa 2005 add-ons and patches (which I haven’t dared installing yet for fear it could crash the game and wipe out my four-year career record), I keep on stumbling on reviews that trumpet PES 4’s superior game play and action realism.


Rebuilding Real Madrid

With the end of the first module of my online course on online journalism, I’ve been able to finally play fixtures in my EASports Fifa 2005 career. I made Ajax of Amsterdam the Dutch League champion and Champions League winner. I’ve since transferred to Real Madrid.

Real Madrid, in real life and in the Fifa 2005 world, has a lot of world-class players (5-stars in Fifa 2005) and it shouldn’t have problems winning games except for its namby-pamby possession style of playing. In Fifa 2005, I changed Real Madrid’s formation to 4-1-2-1-2 (essentially a diamond midfield but replacing the defensive midfield with a center back.)