Announcing nautica-magazine WordPress theme for webzines

To those who were waiting for this theme, I apologize for the delay in the release. I had to wade through various folders to get the latest version of the code because I was working on two sites using this theme at the same time.

I have since been using Subversion via a free project management account with Unfuddle (check my previous post) to make sure that the files are organized. If anyone is interested in helping improve this theme, leave me note so that I’ll host the files in Google Code and we can work on it together.

Nautica-magazine is a WordPress theme based on the nautica05 open source template. It doesn’t work out-of-the-box because you need to edit the index page to make it work with your site’s sections or categories. Read the included readme.txt before activating the theme.

The index page of the theme doesn’t display articles chronologically. Instead, it displays content blocks: articles grouped into sections.

Here’s a preview of the theme in my sandbox site.

You need to edit the , replace the category number with the category ID of your section, which you can get by going to Manage then Categories in your dashboard. If you want to increase or cut down on the number of stories published in each section of the home page, edit the numeral after numberposts in the code.

If you want to publish only the headlines in the article blocks, delete the part of the code.

Content blocks

The first block is the banner story. Technically, the banner story is also a member of one of the category blocks in the index page but to prevent the story from being published twice (as banner and as part of one of the section blocks), do not place the banner category in any of the sections displayed in the front page. Place the banner story in its correct section only after a new banner is published. You don’t have to uncheck its banner assignment (unless you increase the number of banner stories for publication) because the default value publishes only the latest story in the banner category.

The next blocks are for sub-sections. Just copy the article block code if you want to add more sections.

Photo captions

The stylesheet contains div classes for presentation of photographs with captions, the instructions are in the readme.txt file that comes with theme. To view an example of its usage, you can check this article on a beach resort in Cebu.


You can download the theme here. Click on the arrow beside nautical-magazine and choose zip folder. Updates will be posted on the Nautica-magazine page.

Comments / Suggestions

Please leave your comments and suggestions here. Again, if you’re interested to help improve this theme, leave me a note. I am still working on the theme. I want to include a template on custom categories to make your category pages mimic webzine sections. I’m also working on including search, the hacked index.php seems to get in the way of displaying search results.

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42 responses

  1. Woot! It’s finally out! Thanks for the release, will tinker with it in the coming days.

  2. Yay! I’m really excited the theme is finally out! Sadly the download doesn’t work for me… the zip file seems to be corrupted. Could you please fix that? Many thanks for the hard work!

  3. Guys,
    Try downloading the theme again. Here’s the link to the zip folder:

  4. Woot (me too)!! It’s great now! Thank you so much!

  5. Wow, great theme.

  6. I truly think that Nautica-Magazine is amazing! Although, I am having a difficult time working changes through the wp-admin section. Links that should already be linked are not, and links that need linked I am unable to figure this out. For example, the links below the header image. No need in asking if I am new with WordPress. Yes. But I am hooked and am determined to figure this out. Will you please help?

  7. Mike,
    To edit the links, just edit the template files. For the links below the header, check out the code in header.php, you can edit the link items there.

  8. Hi! I’m using your template, but the archives is not working.. check for yourself… what might be the problem?


  9. Carlos,
    Can you provide a link to the website using the theme? The URL you entered when you posted the comment takes me to a site with a splash page and no other link.

  10. Yes… the site is Is online now…

    Also, the feed only display a smal part, not the full content.


  11. Carlos,
    Did you create an archives page using the archive.php as page template? That should create your archives page.
    Regarding your feed display, you might want to check the options in your WordPress panel whether you specified the full post in the feed display.

  12. This is an amazing theme, just what I’ve been looking for all this while for a webzine I have. I am definitely going to use it.

    – MENJ

  13. Great theme and it seems to be the right solution for my own plans: a local newspaper-site
    One question: I have no experience with WordPress but only Do WordPress and your theme alow multiple authors/wirting-rights etc.?
    My local newspaper should be based on several civil-journalist and moderators.


  14. Leon,
    Yes, you can have multiple authors with WordPress with varying roles and rights.

  15. Well, what can I say ? I have tried out 25-30 different themes for my community site based in Tuscany Italy. None of them was really what I was after until I found your theme… wonderful ! its perfect. thank you so much for all the work that you must have put into this theme. I have had nothing nut positive comments from mt readers since we changed over.


  16. Firstly, I’d like to say thank you so much for creating this superb theme.

    I’ve been looking for a wordpress theme that could function like this for a very,very long time.

    Yours is simply awesome.

    I’ve put up a site using your theme and customize it to my own design.

    Because I’m no web designer or coder your codes beautiful could have been butchered in the process. For that, pls accept my apology.

    Again, thanks Max!

  17. Hi Iskandar,
    What you did with the theme is great!! It seems you’re more of a designer than I am 🙂

  18. Hi Max

    I cant contribute much except in terms of graphics. You can check out my site and see what I have converted of a WP theme. The graphics are all my work.

  19. I have sorted out a number of different categories themes on the site and tweaked the style.css file for various sized image backgrounds … all in all, a couple of weeks of tweaking the whole package until finally I am happy with what is on line.

    Really want to thank you again for all the work that you have done on putting this great theme into the public domain.

    There is just one thing that is bothering me though …..You did say that you were working on including search, the hacked index.php seemed to be getting in the way of displaying search results….. how far did you get with that ?
    I would like to have a search ability on the site that moves right through the complete site – for the moment it seems not possible.

    Any news ? anybody else having problems in this direction ?


  20. Keane,
    I’m in the process of revising this one and writing a new post on using WordPress for a magazine or news site.

    But the solution is easy. Use a regular index.php and do the hacks in home.php instead.

  21. ok
    on to it thanks Max

  22. Michael Avatar

    Hi Max,

    I gotta congratulate you on your amazing theme–well done! You should be happy to know that it’s being put to good use–I’m using it as a basis for Amnesty International’s Taiwan website, which is currently in need of an overhaul.

    My only questions are something I’m sure you’re fed up with answering, but I hope you’ll be patient. First, do I have to do something special to make the archives work? When I click on a monthly link (like index.php?m=200701) I get redirected to the front page.

    Other than that, would you mind clarifying what you said to Keane about the search a bit more? I’m not sure how to use a regular index.php and a hacked home.php. Sorry if it’s obvious–I’m a newbie.

    Thanks again!
    Michael (立�)

  23. Michael Avatar

    Hi again Max,

    I did more research and found the answer to one of my questions. For those who might have a similar question about the search page: the search query first calls search.php and then index.php whereas the front page first looks for home.php and then index.php Here’s a link:

    Now I just have to see if this works for my archives.

  24. Hi Michael,
    It’s such an honor to see the template being used by an AI country member 🙂 .

  25. Max,
    I run an online news magazine … but I use a standard WP blog.

    I really need a theme like this and I look forward to your update.

    hope to install and test this out very soon!

    thank you for your work.

  26. Jonathan,
    Thanks for the feedback. I’m still working on a new post on how to use WordPress to run a news or magazine site. I will be releasing a new “newspaper” theme as soon as I’m done.

  27. hello max,

    Im looking forward to your newspaper theme. Im making a news magazine concerning surfers. Please let me know when there will be any updates. This theme does suit for me, but im lookin for a theme that has multiple stories next to each other…

    Does your newspaper theme has that?

  28. Joeie,
    Yes. I’ve been working on it since last week. I might release it this week.

  29. im looking forward to that max,

    keep me updated!

  30. Max,

    I just wanted to thank you for the theme! It’s code really helped me as a base for building a larger website for my college’s daily paper. The site isn’t officially launched yet, but you can see it in action here:

  31. Also, I forgot to mention:

    I’ll eventually be releasing my theme as a public one. That said, it requires a rather large amount of editing and many plugins to work properly, since I took your “display x posts from a category” to the extreme. The main page alone has 9 different categories linked to different spots.

  32. Hi again Max,

    Well, the Amnesty International Taiwan site is complete, and everyone loves nautica-mag! There’s one small issue with some versions of Internet Explorer (I believe it’s v6) that I can’t quite figure out. On the footer of some pages, the top half of the words gets cut off. I’ve looked at the CSS and I can’t figure out what could be the issue. Do you have any ideas?

    Thanks again!

  33. I’m cursed!

    Every time I ask a question, I seem to miraculously find the answer five minutes later after hours of previous searching.

    Point is, I fixed the problem. Looks like human rights will survive another day!

  34. excellent theme. i’m actually trying to modify the hack that you’ve done to show multiple categories on one page.

    i would like to show one pages contents, and a category in the sidebar.

    I’m assuming it’s a modification of this call

    ?php $posts = get_posts( “category=14&numberposts=1” ); ?

    by changing it to

    ?php $posts = get_pages(); ?

    I’ve managed it to show all pages in a thread. What changes to this ‘get_pages();’ would i make to call a specific page id?

    thanks for any help.

  35. Michael said “There’s one small issue with some versions of Internet Explorer (I believe it’s v6) that I can’t quite figure out. On the footer of some pages, the top half of the words gets cut off. I’ve looked at the CSS and I can’t figure out what could be the issue. Do you have any ideas?”

    so how did you solve this problem Michael ?

  36. Unfortunately, I just made the footer one line shorter; I didn’t figure out what to do with the CSS. Sorry. Are you having this problem, too?

  37. Hi Max,

    above in the comments, you wrote: “Did you create an archives page using the archive.php as page template? That should create your archives page.”

    I tried that, but it wouldn’t work… I must be doing something wrong. Would you mind trying to describe into a bit more details what I should do. Thanks a lot!

  38. Hickman Avatar

    Looks good on paper… I’m considering tinkering with this for my college’s student newspaper, which still doesn’t have a decent site.

  39. I am trying to see if your theme will work for me, but for some reason I cannot edit the ID’s for the index content blocks. The WordPress version 2.5 has taken the ID assigning out of the admin view. Do you know how I can get around this? It would be a huge help, as right now the banner and subsequent blocks all display the latest post. (I don’t have the theme live right now)

  40. Vivian … if you using WP 2.5 then go to manage categories and pass your mouse over the title of each category …. you will see on the bottom left-hand side of the browser the URL for each category with the ending of URL reading something like cat_ID=12 … there is your ID for each content block …


  41. I’ve noticed that the nautica-magazine theme has a display issue in Firefox that causes the header and footer to be mis-aligned by a few pixels. Any ideas on how to fix this ?

    You can see the problem here:

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