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Nautica-magazine is based on the nautica05 open source template by studio7design. It is a theme for webzines managed by WordPress. The theme doesn’t work out-of-the-box, you need to heavily edit the index.php to work with your site. If you want a blog version of the theme, download it here.

Before activating the theme, please read the readme.txt file included in the package.

Nautica-magazine displays articles in content blocks in the index page. The first block publishes the latest story categorized as banner. The next two blocks publish the latest stories in the Feature Stories and Opinion Section categories.

Customize these blocks to use your site’s sections. Edit , change the category ID to match your sections category ID and numberposts to your preferred number of posts for each section.

If you want to publish only the headlines for a subsection, delete in the code.

Photo captions

The stylesheet contains div classes for publishing photos with captions (see this article for an example usage).

The classes are based on two dimensions: 500-pixel width for large photos and 250-pixel width for small photos. To use the photo caption presentation use:

You can download the files here. It’s a account. To download, click on the arrow beside nautical-magazine and choose Zip folder.


Would you be interested in customising this theme for our website. We are starting a community website in the Bay Area . I tried tweaking the code but I am completely flummoxed.

I am trying to sort out the template. One question I have is with truncating. None of my articles are truncating. Is there a setting in WP or a place in the code where I can set it to truncate?

Max, I LOVE what you have done, and I’m having a lot of luck in just a couple of hours customizing things…just excellent.

one problem…

apparently, in Mu, the

crap…in my last post, it stripped out what i was trying to say…lol…i guess it really DOES strip out the More tags…and apprently whatever is written after it. 🙂

what i had typed was that Mu is stripping out the More tags, making it impossible to split a post on the index page…do you have an altered kses, or how did you go about getting the More tags to work?

Hi Max,

Thought you might like to see the site I built using Nautica-magazine as a starting point (linked from my username). I started work on it 3 months ago as a raw WordPress rookie and ended up heavily modifying the template and incorporating it with MWRT-002, as well as a few touches of my own.

I think it looks great in Firefox, but I need to do some tweaks so IE6/7 will look just as good. Thanks for the inspiration and invaluable starting point!

I love the theme and am customising it for my own site but for some reason cant get flash movies to load into the header as an image it works fine for jpegs but the flash movies just won’t load and I am unable to figure out why this is happening. If you could help by telling me how I could get around this it would be appreciated.

Hi Max, I love the theme and the whole idea of using cat’s for customizing appearance. What I was working on was trying to get a specfic single.php file depending on cat. I can figure out that I need to call a different single-? depending on the cat…but how do I put in the code from – to call the different single file….having removed the defualt loop. Cheers for any help.

when i remove the loop and display the categories i dont get any results from the search. meaning the search doesnt work anymore! I followed the instructions how to insert content blocks but there is nothing about search results! Why dont i see the search results on the index page?

This truly is an excellent theme. However, some minor bugs are making it unusable for me. The basic thing is the problem with searching. I widgetized the theme ( and it worked just fine, but the search widget simply did not run.

Another problem is lack of support for some of the best plugins out there, notably the Related Posts plugin.
Finally, some easier customization would really help popularize this theme. Take a look at Corporate Slave theme by Sam Devol: it’s customized using an internal menu accessible through wp-admin panel. There you simply specify the category numbers to appear in each of the columns and voila. The same goes to the clickable menus in the sidebar (corresponding to the menus in the header in this theme).

Also, another two cents. Firstly, I tried to use the Lightbox2 plugin in the leftpost. After some tweaking I made the miniatures to display correctly. However, there must be some conflict with the javascript as they are all blurred and nothing happens when I click on them.

Another thing is: what exactly am I to do with the main large box site menu? How do I customize it?

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