Nautica-magazine WordPress theme

Nautica-magazine is based on the nautica05 open source template by studio7design. It is a theme for webzines managed by WordPress. The theme doesn’t work out-of-the-box, you need to heavily edit the index.php to work with your site. If you want a blog version of the theme, download it here.

Before activating the theme, please read the readme.txt file included in the package.

Nautica-magazine displays articles in content blocks in the index page. The first block publishes the latest story categorized as banner. The next two blocks publish the latest stories in the Feature Stories and Opinion Section categories.

Customize these blocks to use your site’s sections. Edit <?php $posts = get_posts( "category=4&numberposts=1" ); ?> , change the category ID to match your sections category ID and numberposts to your preferred number of posts for each section.

If you want to publish only the headlines for a subsection, delete <?php the_content("Continue reading '" . the_title('', '', false) . "'"); ?> in the code.

Photo captions

The stylesheet contains div classes for publishing photos with captions (see this article for an example usage).

The classes are based on two dimensions: 500-pixel width for large photos and 250-pixel width for small photos. To use the photo caption presentation use:<div class="largecaptionright>IMAGE code CAPTION.

The options are “largecaptionright” for floated right presentation of 500-pixel width photos, “largecaptionleft” if you want it floated left; and “smallcaptionright” for 250-pixel width photos floated right, and “smallcaptionleft” if you want it floated left.

For comments and suggestions on the theme, please leave them at the blog post announcing this theme. I will still be working on the theme and among the things I want to add are templates for custom category pages to serve as your webzine’s sections. If you want to help improve the theme, leave me a note so that I’ll host this in Google Code so that we can use Subversion for the code.


You can download the files here. It’s a account. To download, click on the arrow beside nautical-magazine and choose Zip folder.