Moving to another TiddlyWiki adaptation

Just as I finished transferring all my notes using the TiddlyWiki adaptation I wrote about in an earlier post, a reader provided a link to a better option: Serversidewiki, a hosted service using the latest TiddlyWiki version and Ruby on Rails.

Tim Morgan, the author of Ziddly Wiki, also wrote to offer help in the errors I encountered in running ZiddlyWiki. He also offered instructions on how to limit access to your ZiddlyWiki site using Zope’s permission system. I might try his instructions in a week or two for an article I’m writing.

I initially thought the best option for me was to run a server-side TiddlyWiki that only I can access in my web space. A day or two later, however, I found that I needed to share some of my notes and my option was to create login accounts for people I will be sharing the notes with. But with the login account, these people would be able to view all my notes even if they couldn’t edit it.

Serversidewiki offers a better option.

The service runs the latest TiddlyWiki version (1.2.29) and so it contains more features than those offered by some of the previous adaptations I used. The TiddlyWiki adaptation I installed in my own server still did not implement CamelCasing. ZiddlyWiki, on the other hand, is also using the latest version and should be among the first options of people familiar with Zope.

What sets serversidewiki apart, however, is that it allows setting viewing permissions on a per tiddler basis. This would allow me to keep some of my notes private and share only what I wanted to show to other people.

You can bar others from viewing a tiddler by tagging it as private. Since it is using a relatively newer TiddlyWiki adaptation, serversidewiki accepts formatting such as those you use to create calendars.

Wikified calendar

I created a 2005 calendar for reference using this generator. I also created a current month calendar using this generator and then linked schedules by enclosing the dates in double brackets [[ like this ]] (see photo).

Image hosted by

Of all the TiddlyWiki adaptations I’ve tried, I found that serversidewiki fits me the best. I’ve been using it for days now and I’ve decided to stick with it not only because of its current features but also of the wish list of its developer.

Has my journey in search of the perfect TiddlyWiki ended? We’ll see in a few weeks or months.

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  1. What features on the wishlist caught your eye?

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