Everything stopped when I downloaded Konfabulator last week – all tasks were set aside as I went through all the available widgets in the software publisher’s website. At the end of my search, I decided on using the following widgets: SiteCheck – to monitor the availability of my personal and work websites; Thesaurus-Dictionary, which gives you a search interface to the dictionary.com site (results will be served by your default browser); SysMonitor – to monitor CPU and memory usage; Calendar; Gmail Search and Check to monitor my GMail account; ElegantStickies, which I don’t use much because I use an online TiddlyWiki; Werewolf Monitor and Chrome Clock for eye candies.

My Konfabulated Desktop

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  1. Max, I have downloaded the stickies also! I am still trying out other widgets and am happy with most of them! They are just so easy to use!

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