Minus a column: WordPress themes notes

I’ve had it (I think) with three-column WordPress themes. I do not have the skills nor the time to try to make it render properly in Internet Explorer. I never use the Microsoft browser and it’s only when somebody e-mails me to ask why my layout “looks weird” that I use Explorer to check and find that the second column has been pushed below the main content area.

I really love the Tri-Sexuality Standard WordPress theme but I always seem to break it with endless editing of files to try one thing after another (this blog isn’t called Cybercafe Experiments for nothing.) Manuel Quezon III and RG Cruz both use the theme but they have Abe Olandres to edit it for them.

Early this afternoon, I gave myself one last chance to customize the theme properly. I started from scratch and the theme displayed properly in Explorer. When I tried to customize it again, the second column was again pushed down after the main content. It was then that I decided I should just get over my fascination with three-column design until I have the skills or the time to properly edit it.

I’m using the Deviance mod of K2. And yes, I checked and Explorer renders it as two columns. I still have to configure FAlbum, which I managed to break earlier this afternoon while trying to edit things.

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