Mapping Cebu’s Wi-Fi hotspots

I’ve been meaning to map Cebu’s Wi-Fi hotspots for more than a month now. It is a project that I’ve kept putting off, mainly because of work deadlines and other tasks.

For a while, I planned to set out–and was on the verge of doing so at least twice–and go through 4 or 5 coffee shops and restaurants in a day to find out 1.) whether they provide free Wi-Fi access and 2.) how good the connection is. I am a recidivist coffee drinker, having kicked it out of my system for a few weeks last year, but still, the prospect of a caffeine overdose (not to mention wrecking my poor excuse of a diet) kept stopping me from starting with the Wi-Fi mapping.

Today, I decided to jumpstart the project by mapping access points in Cebu City and Lapu-Lapu in Mactan Island of major Wi-Fi providers (Globe WiZ and Airborne Access for Smart Bro Wi-Fly). This way, I can just add more zones when I eventually start going through the coffee shops and establishments that offer Wi-Fi access. If you know of a good spot, drop me a note here and I’ll add it to the map. To view establishments offering Wi-Fi connectivity, just click on the map icons below. You can zoom into the map by using the tools.


I’m warbiking and warwalking. I think the wi-fi in Mango Square is still available, it was supposed to be part of a push for a municipal wi-fi that would cover Cebu. I don’t know what happened to the project, though, as it never seemed to have expanded from the Fuente area.

I’m trying to hook up Smartbro for my house in Cebu, but I’m currently in the U.S. Anyone have a link or phone number for applying to Smartbro (or any other wireless solution)?

Argh! I should have checked this post before going to Cebu last week!

I was only able to use Bo’s Coffee in Ayala Center. I couldn’t connect to any of the providers at the airport (Smart BRO, Wiz). (I was using an E65, by the way.)

Hi Clifford,
The nearest spot that I know of is Mango Square and the new mall in front of it, One Mango or something. But I haven’t checked General Maxilom yet. If you manage to spot one, please feel free to notify me so that I can add it to the map.

Here are some Wifi spots in Cebu:



1.) Entire plaza of Boljoon town
2.) Entire plaza of Argao town

Metro Cebu

1.) Offroads, Panagdait
2.) All restaurants and shops in Sykes Building, Panagdait
3.) Paseo Center, Mabolo
4.) Calabria Coffee, Osmeña Blvd.
5.) Bigbucks Coffee, Ramos Street
6.) DaVinci’s Pizza Fuente, Osmeña Blvd.
7.) Coffee Bean – SM City Northwing
8.) Starbucks Fuente, Osmeña Blvd.
9.) Starbucks Paseo Arcenas, Banawa
10.) Starbucks SM City
11.) Starbucks SM City Northwing
12.) Starbucks Ayala Center (inside)
13.) Starbucks Ayala Center (outside)
14.) Starbucks Asiatown I.T. Park
15.) iStore Ayala Center
16.) Cebu City Sports Center, Cebu Business Park
17.) All BO’s Coffee shops
18.) Handuraw Pizza, Gorordo Avenue
19.) JCA Pizza, Lahug
20.) Waterfront Cebu City Hotel Lobby
21.) Marco Polo Plaza Hotel (signal can be tapped near the gate)
22.) Mactan-Cebu International Airport
23.) Environs of St. Peter Funeral-Cebu Cathedral-Cathedral Museum-Parian Area (signal originating from St. Peter)
24.) Outpost
25.) Westpoint, near Chiong Hua Hospital
26.) Xiamen
27.) Kenya
28.) Bigby’s Ayala Center
29.) Bigby’s SM City Cebu


1.) Cebu City Hall (for employees only)
2.) Golden Peak Hotel (for guests only)
3.) Perpetual Succour Hospital (for patients/clients)

Not sure if free.. Not sure too if they have Wifi but basically all coffee shops and major establishments in Cebu offer Wifi. Still to confirm..

1.) All Gloria Jeans Coffee outlets
2.) All Coffee Dream outlets
3.) Some areas in major malls in Cebu such as Banilad Town Center, Ayala Center, SM City, SM Northwing, all Gaisano Malls, Parkmall, Robinsons, eMall, Mango Square, One Mango Place, Raintree and Cocomall, Mactan Marina, Crossroads, etc.
4.) Supercat Terminal


1.) Cebu City Marriot Hotel (P960 for one day)
2.) Dominion Wireless (covers the entire area of Fuente and Capitol)
3.) JY Square Mall (at least three signals exist)
4.) Smart Bro (anywhere where there’s a Smart signal)
5.) Globe Quest (anywhere where there’s a Globe signal)

Wow! That one huge list. Thanks for the alert. I’ll add it to the map. I haven’t been warbiking lately. I hope to go around the city again in a few months.

Hello guys! Im originally from davao and I am now in cebu for a month. I am having a hard time looking for a free WIFI hotspot in cebu city and in mactan. There are some coffee shops that have a WIFI hotspot but its GLOBEQUEST WIZ. actually i dont like globequest because of the expensive rate (100 pesos/1 hour). 1 hour is not enought to surf, email, chat and make stuffs in the net and it is also expensive not mentioning the coffee from the shop. unlike in davao city, there are WIFI hotspots not only in coffee shops but in some fast food chains where you can buy food and have a free internet.
Guys, can you give me a list of WIFI hotspots that are free all around cebu city? anyone? hope you will send me one because I am really having a hard time looking some WIFI hostpots since I am new in cebu city. Those areas that are posted does not offer free WIFI connection. Some of them are in Globequest Wiz already.


I tried Gloria Jeans (Osmeña Blvd, near Capitol, former Boulevard area), it’s free, although they’ll charge you P20 per hour when u charge ur battery.

Coffee Dream (Gorordo Ave., opposite site of SSS, beside Kia Motors) has two signals, from the coffee shop and from Kia Motors, both unrestricted. Also, no fee for charging ur battery. Same arrangement in Coffee Dream at the ACT building/school (opposite E-Mall), but the space is much bigger and very few customers, plus they have a big screen inside connected to cable tv.

I get 3 strong signals (80-100%) when I go to the registrar/accounting area of the University of San Carlos South Campus. All 3 are unrestricted.

For me Offroads Panagdait is the best. cheap coffee, no minimum charge to use wifi and unlimited charging plus my office is just at the back. hehe

i went to Bo’s Coffee i a monthe ago. Am not going back. I’ve been a good customer to them, but i was shocked when the last time i went their to work on a homework, the attendant informed me that they don’t have WIFI connection… I don’t know what the heck they were up to… c”,)

Free Wi-Fi @
1. The Walk – IT park
2. Figaro – SM Cebu Northwing
3. Bo’s Coffee – Ayala Terraces

This is a great map! Keep it up!

I was wondering though, could you also add information about electricity (for charging) in each of those places?

Anyway, add these up:

1. Brown Cup (Skyrise Bldg, I.T. Park) – free wi-fi, electricity P10/hour

2. Brown Cup (behind STC, near Redemptorist church) – free wi-fi, electricity P10/hour

3. Cakewalkers Cafe (The Strip, Capitol Site) – free wi-fi, free electricity

4. O2 Cafe and Spa (The Strip, Capitol Site) – free wifi, free electricity

In Punta Prinsesa, Cebu City, Near Rizwill Bldg. Gets Three Wifi Signal:

Domain Names are:
NETGEAR(fast up to 250Kbps max)
anthon(security enabled)

i think the whole of SM is covered by their wifi…even the parking area…real great!

anyway, anyone know of a free wifi spot around jones?


can anyone tell me access codes to wi-fi zones near jy square? thank you very much.i love to surf and chat through my notebook and ashame to ask access codes sometimes. thanks for your help guys

ive read there is a society of warwalkers and wardrivers in the US that would mark a establishment using symbols so that members would know if it has a wifi signals. we could create one in cebu. stanley, mcdo jone has one unsecured network. I cant remember the network name though and sometime its not active. you can try it.

Anyone know if any of these hotspots can be reached from near Mustang and ML Quezon Hwy? Also curious about near Gorordo and Escario.

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Great article!… thanks for sharing this. However, I think almost restaurant, coffee shop, malls and cafe around Cebu already has wifi. However, the problem in some is that they only have the wifi but no internet connection… just kidding…

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