Joomla users schedule Cebu meeting

Users, developers, and supporters of the open source content management system (CMS) Joomla will be meeting in Cebu next Saturday, June 7 at the Lepiten & Bojos Law Office on Don Pedro Rodriguez St. in Capitol Site, Cebu City (see map below).

The meeting is preparatory to the Joomla Day that will be held in UP Diliman on June 14. During the meeting, members of the Joomla community in Cebu are scheduled to plan activities for a year and consider participation in a coming Open Source summit in Cebu on June 23 to 24 at the Cebu International Convention Center. The Open Source summit will have a track on Drupal, another popular open source CMS.

The “Panag-abot sa Cebu” (Cebu meet) on June 7 will start at 8 p.m. Lawyer Magdalena Lepiten and Guilliam Roque will be holding a lecture on “Copyright and Creative Commons, License on Open Source Application.”

During the meet, Roque will brief attendees on Joomla and its history. He will also talk about Joomla Philippines.

I am not a Joomla user but I am an open source CMS fanatic. The last time I tried Joomla, it was still Mambo. My CMSes of choice are WordPress and Drupal but I’ve long been meaning to try Joomla although I still haven’t found the time to try it out, what with my full-time schedule at the Sun.Star Cebu newsroom.

For those who want to attend the Joomla “Panag-abot sa Cebu,” here’s a map to the venue:

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11 responses

  1. see you all on june 7!

  2. Yes see you there!
    should be very interesting!

  3. Hi, found your article about umobile…is it possible for u to send me an invitation? thanks! couldn’t find your entry about umobile here… thanks!

  4. Marvy Avatar

    i’m leaving a comment as instructed by your article published today under your column (of course) at SunStar on uMobile. i was going through your blog looking for the latest post or anything related to uMobile.
    anyway, im interested in getting one of your 10 invites. i read through the umobile website and it says i have to scout for a code giver. hehe. pick me, pick me! i’m so desperate im giving out my number 0917 999 88 10. puhlease gimme a code. puhlease. 🙂

  5. Hey Max, any chance I can get one of those coveted umobile codes? I think I fit the demographic (19/f/manila-cebu). Thanks!

    p.s. awesome of you to feature the oil-sopping nanotech towel too.

  6. Hi max, this is OT, I read your post on Sunstar regarding umobile. Heheheh. I’m interested of getting an invitation.

    Another OT, I’m trying to assist some bloggers here in the visayas region through The website is not yet operational. But what I have in mind is to create an aggregator site for blogs blogging about visayas. It’s a good start of organizing the bloggers from the visayas region.

    I’m from by the way. I will be here in cebu for the next six months. 🙂 I hope you can join the ride.

  7. hi where can i join the invitation for umobile?

  8. Guilliam,
    See you at the meeting 🙂

    Might be good to meet one of these days. I’ll save you one invitation and send you once the system gets sorted out.

    Can you do me a favor and re-enter your invitation requests in this post:

  9. That should be an interesting summit to attend in Cebu!
    see u all there!

  10. sayang.. karon rani na basa naku nga joolma meet-up da.. :)..

  11. lage sah, sayang sad woi..

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