Great Firefox plugin for blog template users

I found Aardvark through The product is a free Firefox plugin that allows you to check elements of a webpage and how it is constructed. It is particularly useful for non-geeks like me who want to customize templates of blog content management systems like WordPress or Serendipity.

Aardvark allows you to check parts of a site and see which HTML or CSS element controls its presentation. If you place your mouse pointer over a part of a page, the block will be highlighted an a text below the block will indicate which element it is.

With the tool, you’d know which part of your style sheet to edit if you want to change a part of your CMS-backed blog.

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  1. rikvarela Avatar

    thanks for that very helpful tip. i was really amazed tweaking and knowing how those beautiful sites were created by just right clicking the mouse. Aardvaark is a great tool to know what, where and how to tweak a page.

    More power.

  2. anon khan Avatar
    anon khan

    cool, thanks !

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