Globe offers unlimited calling to landlines with Globe DUO

Globe launched in Cebu last week its Globe DUO service, a combination mobile and landline service that gives subscribers two numbers—a mobile phone number and a portable landline number—using just one subscriber identification module (SIM).

With Globe DUO, consumers get to make and receive unlimited calls to and from any landline number within a certain coverage area. Globe DUO subscribers can also make unlimited calls to other subscribers of the service.

The service is initially available for pospaid Globe subscribers in Manila and Cebu. Today, May 25, Globe will open the service for the first time to prepaid users. Globe Telecom Consumer Wireless Business Group head Ferdinand dela Cruz said they chose Cebu for today’s introduction of the service to prepaid use.

Ferdinand dela Cruz talks about Globe DUO
LANDLINE AND MOBILE PHONE. Globe Telecom Consumer Wireless Business Group head Ferdinand dela Cruz talks about Globe DUO during its launch in Cebu.

“Globe is breaking the barriers between mobile and landline by coming up with this revolutionary 2-in-1 service,” dela Cruz said during Thursday’s launch at the Waterfront Hotel in Lahug, Cebu City.

“Globe DUO is a testament of our commitment to continuously provide our customers with the latest wireless services in the world at the most affordable price and offer them every convenient means of connecting to one another,” Globe president and chief executive office Ernest Cu said in a press statement.

Globe DUO is the company’s answer to PLDT’s Landline Plus service. It is a virtual shot in the bow for what had been a long unchallenged innovative service.

With PLDT Landline Plus and Globe DUO, the word “landline” becomes an adjective merely for the way calls are charged and phone numbers are formatted. Because when you think about it, portable “landline” phones are really mobile phones.

To enroll with Globe DUO, postpaid users need to pay P399 for 30 days. This will be charged on top of their Globe monthly plan and comes with an initial 90-day subscription. If you already have a post-paid subscription with the company, you can just activate the Globe DUO service by texting DUO (area of service) ON to 8888.

If you’re a post-paid subscriber in Cebu, just send DUO CEB ON to 8888. The system will assist you in subscribing to the service. You will get an SMS message containing the terms and conditions of the service which you have to accept by sending yes as a reply.

After you accept the terms, you will then get a message that will contain your “landline” number. The service becomes immediately active and you can call and get calls from any landline number in Cebu, whether Globe or PLDT.

Dela Cruz said Globe invested on an advance call management platform to detect which type of call is being made. He also said Globe is upgrading its network capacity “ahead of demand.”

Prepaid users in Cebu can enroll themselves into Globe DUO by texting DUO CEB 125 or DUO CEB 350. The amounts are for the two prepaid subscription plans: P125 for five days and P350 for 14 days.

When I asked a Globe official why they didn’t have an option for monthly prepaid subscriptions, he said they are encouraging users to get a Globe postpaid plan so that they can enjoy freebies that come with their monthly subscriptions. With the service, Globe is apparently out to expand its subscriber base.

While it’s prepaid services may be more expensive than PLDT Landline Plus, which has a P300 monthly plan, Globe allows unlimited calling to landlines and other DUO users. In PLDT Landline Plus, you have to pay by the minute once you exceed your plan’s free allocation. And unlike PLDT Landline Plus, Globe DUO is just an add-on to your mobile phone subscription. You don’t need a separate SIM and phone for it.

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14 responses

  1. Sherwin Ong Avatar
    Sherwin Ong

    Their Globe Duo Prepaid service is just too expensive. I am a postpaid subscriber and I have a Globe Duo Postpaid service with cost P399/month.

  2. Roldan V. Sacdalan Avatar
    Roldan V. Sacdalan

    I have a Landline number could it be possible the Globe Duo in my account? The amount of Globe Duo will add in my monthly bill?

  3. Roldan V. Sacdalan Avatar
    Roldan V. Sacdalan

    My wife has a Post paid Account can i enrolled her with Globe Duo?

  4. Ramil Kue Avatar
    Ramil Kue

    Have you seen the new TVC from Globe? It’s quite cute, in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way. They call it Globe Duo or Die and phones commit suicide in the ad. It’s really creative and funny and delivers the message—subscribe to Duo or else you’re dead—quite well. Has anyone seen it? It’s in Youtube now:

  5. Ramil Kue Avatar
    Ramil Kue

    yes sir, you’ll just have to add 399 for the postpaid plan to avail duo. you can check the site of globe at for further details

  6. i dont like this duo…. ksi ang promo lng nila ay hanngang sept.30. tpos ala n. pina sabik lng nila ang mga ato

  7. Edward Khoo Avatar
    Edward Khoo

    Lots of new offers from Globe, ah! They also have Gcash Click now. Have you tried this already? It’s not only a safer mode of paying online, it also takes care of the shipping of the item. It sounds convenient, especially for expensive purchases online.

  8. alang kuwenta!!! nag-try ako mag-register for 1 day just to try it, nka-register naman & globe had given me a landline # (02-5046367)… pero hindi ako naka-connect kahit once sa kahit anong landline!!! its a waste of money & time really…and when i called 211 (globe toll-free prepaid hotline) the customer service told me that there are some globe prepaid nos. that are still not set by the system for globe duo including mine (09176670566)!!! huh??? at wala sila masabi kundi “sorry for the inconvenience”… bullshit….

  9. Villary Ompoc Avatar
    Villary Ompoc

    I want to subscribe the globe duo. What are the requirments needed to submit?

  10. aji santiago Avatar
    aji santiago

    well i just subscribed to globe duo using my prepaid globe phone last oct 11, 5pm. i can receive calls from pldt landlines, but not the other way around. i thought this issue was already fixed. bayantel lines work well though. i called globe and they said after the complaints during the past month, the duo to pldt issue was already resolved. called their cust service for 3 times, and the rep who last talked to me said to wait for 3-5 days before it gets serviced. according to her, to enjoy and make ‘sulit’ (her term) use of the globe duo subscription, i should call instead bayantel lines. and i was like, omg, you’re telling me to make the most out of it by calling bayantel lines while all i need to call are business lines which are mostly pldt? well it’s their cust service rep.

    and my subscription is 1 month, since i joined without qualms. what if the subscription is less than 3-5 days? then everything went to nothing? until now, oct 13 7am, i still can’t call pldt lines. globe doesn’t deliver, at least on my end. so frustrating.

  11. aji santiago Avatar
    aji santiago

    My 1mo Globe Duo plan is not working again; worked for only 1.5 days in the past 6 days. after 5 complaints, think i’m done. i’m giving up.

    Globe Duo is a great, innovative idea, but an unreliable service. 450 went to nothing, with lost transactions and other economic costs. sad.

    maybe it’s only good for postpaid subscribers.

  12. globe duo sucks. ever since i subscribed i can’t contact a single landline, and my friends tell me that they can’t contact me thru landline either. the only numbers i can call are other globe duos. don’t waste your money

  13. I called globe cust service today and I was surprised when the person on the other line said “hi, I’m (his name)” for his opening. wtf! Are globe employees not told to greet their callers the politer way?

    Anyway, the main concern is that I purchased a thousand pesos worth of globe prepaid load because I was expecting to be charged about a thousand to make that call, and to my disgust, not being able to make the call because GLOBE CANNOT CONNECT to the number I was placing my call to. This is my first day of using a globe sim and sad to say, I feel and believe that GLOBE RAN AWAY WITH MY THOUSAND PESOS. Maybe virtually not, because I can still use the prepaid for some other calls, but honestly, I’m just going to make those calls to burn all the money I have preloaded in my phone, and it really makes me feel so cheated on. GUYS, DON’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE IN THE COMMERCIALS. Some could be just ringing a bell but are discreet thieves at some point.

  14. is it free of charge if i call to landline from different networks?

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