Globe denies throttling peer-to-peer traffic, works to normalize downloads

Globe has denied implementing any bandwidth capping for peer-to-peer downloads. The company said in a press statement that it is working to restore downloading through peer-to-peer applications in Globe Broadband. It also said, however, that the company will consider limiting bandwidth if it detects “abusive usage.”

“You may experience slow downloading using peer-to-peer applications. Restoration is currently ongoing. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Rest assured that steps are already being taken so that the service will normalize the soonest possible time. Thank you for bearing with us,” Globe said in a press statement.

Globe said there was an incident last Friday, May 15, “that affected P2P applications.”

“This is being corrected today and your connection experience will be back to normal by tomorrow,” Globe said in the statement.

The statement by Menchie Cruz, Globe corporate communications head, included a listing of frequently asked questions that included a denial that the company implements bandwith capping.

“We are not implementing any bandwidth capping at this time,” Globe said.

But will Globe implement any bandwidth capping in the future?

“We will have to review our network set-up and take appropriate action, if we detect abusive usage that degrades the quality of the network and affect other subscribers’ experience,” the company said.

The company said it will cap bandwidth “if there is a clear need to protect all Globe subscribers from a few abusive users.”

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2 responses

  1. But what do they mean “abusive usage”? Would downloading torrents 24/7 be considered abusive?

  2. just_curious Avatar

    @komski yup… it is. kasi ginagamit mo bandwidth ng iba kaya siguro nababagalan sila kung 24/7 ka naka-P2P. the network’s resources are limited kaya maybe dapat hinay-hinay lang sa torrent. 🙂

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