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It was love at first note when I heard Amy Winehouse sing. Her voice exudes raw emotion unmatched in decades.

I first played my copy of her Back to Black album in Rhythmbox in my Linux laptop, while I was struggling with getting a graphical interface to Subversion working. When I heard her sing, it was as if I mangled my system and did an svn merge that automagically produced a track from my collection of songs of Dinah Washington, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Eartha Kitt, and Dodo Greene.

I finally settled with using RapidSVN but I wouldn’t settle with the few Amy Winehouse songs I had. I browsed YouTube to view videos of her performances (especially her AOL sessions) and played them over and over again. Over and over and over again.

I wanted to sleep to her songs. I didn’t want, however, to leave the laptop and the modem router on. The siren’s calls were too strong, I knew I had to have her songs in my MP3 player.

Luckily, I had bookmarked weeks earlier, when I spotted a link to it in the popular bookmarks page of is a service that converts videos in YouTube and other video sharing sites into files that can be played in your computer, phone, PSP, iPod or any other digital media player. When I spotted the link weeks earlier, I tried converting a YouTube clip of Nina Simone into an mp4 file. The file it produced, however, did not play when I tried it in my Sony Ericsson K750i.
CONVERTING ONLINE VIDEOS. allows you to convert videos from YouTube and other video sharing services for playing in your PC, phone, or mp3 player. can convert the videos into mp4, mp3, wmv, mov, 3gp and flv formats. It’s mp3 conversion, in my experience, is flawless. With it, I was able to convert Winehouse’s acoustic sessions and her recent performance in this month’s Mercury Awards. I was also able to convert her covers of “Will you still love me tomorrow?” and “To know him is to love him.”

If you still haven’t heard Winehouse sing, here’s a video of her singing Me and Mr. Jones live:

Here’s Amy singing You Know I’m No Good:

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4 responses

  1. Thanks for sharing. The vconvert site is very helpful

  2. hi, sir max! the vconvert site was able to help me convert some videos to mp3, but i checked yesterday and today, and couldn’t open the site anymore. for some reason, it’s not available. which is sad. i wonder what’s up… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. aCey,
    I think the site got too popular :-). Maybe it could no longer handle the load. Or else it the owner might have been threatened with legal action. I think I have another site somewhere in my bookmarks that does the same thing. Let me check ๐Ÿ™‚

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