Cybercafe Experiments included in AdSense e-book

I saw a curious entry in my traffic logs over the weekend. It seemed a few visitors to this site came from a PDF link. When I checked it out, it was a compilation of AdSense case studies by Joel Comm and my blog was among the sites discussed in the e-book.


The case study was based on the previous design of this blog (which I changed just last week). There are good observations in the e-book. When I clicked on the traffic link, the PDF was immediately downloaded. I don’t know if this was supposed to be a paid e-book and I was just able to bypass the gateway because I had the full URL to the file or this was something distributed for free.

The e-book says:

Max has done a fantastic job with his choice of colors…

I’ve looked at Max’s site over several days, and I’ve yet to see a close connection between the topics Max was discussing on the blog and the ads he received.

This is a common problem with blogs, especially those that change topics frequently.

The e-book suggests that I keep one topic per page or that I pepper my titles with keywords. The one topic per page suggestion is not something that I could implement. This blog is about my experiments with blogs, CMS, wikis and anything that catches my fancy–thus the eclectic makeup. These are the blog’s reasons for existence.

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