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Delivereads is an interesting service for the Kindle—it sends out articles curated by “Web-addicted insider, investor and entrepreneur” Dave Pell.

Pell said he thought about the service after he got a Kindle.

DELIVEREADS provides curated content to your Kindle for free. CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE

“My friends got together and bought me a Kindle because they worried I was spending too much time on the web and not enough time reading books. And it worked. I read several books on my Kindle. Then I realized that I can easily send longer articles from the web to my Kindle — you know, those pieces that you either have to print out or that you just stop reading. Now I’m spending even more time on the web, searching for great articles to send to my Kindle,” he said.

Signing up with Delivereads is easy. Just add [email protected] to your Kindle Approved E-mail List and then enter your Kindle address in the Delivereads site.

His selection this week includes a GQ story on how one of hockey’s toughest characters became a gay advocate, an Atlantic piece on a 25-year-old murder mystery, the Washington Monthly profile of Edward Tufte and Joel Stein’s article in Time magazine on Zach Galifianakis.
I just signed up for the service and received my first dispatch.

Curated reading apps are really helpful to improve the signal to noise ratio in today’s information age of push-button publishing and social networking.

I hope Delivereads can, in the future, provide categorized curated articles instead of just sending a single dispatch.

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  1. Where does it get the content and how does it determine what content to use?

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