Cooking with Lightbox JS version 2

Yesterday I did two things I’ve never done for a long time: play around with a WordPress plugin and prepare pork kilawin. I’ve long wanted to incorporate Lightbox in the WordPress theme I’m making and in a project I’m setting up. I decided to use the WP Lightbox 2 plug-in instead of the original package as the plugin incorporates a quicktag in the post editing field.

Lightbox allows you to load linked images without having to open a new page. It works really great with Flickr because the photo-sharing service automatically generates different sizes of your photographs.

Update: I had to disable, however, the fancy tooltip package I’m using (Sweet Titles by Dustin Diaz) in order for the captions to appear under the photos. The WP Lightbox 2 plugin author had said this was fixed but the caption still wouldn’t appear if you’re using Sweet Titles. For Lightbox to work, the entire page must finish loading. So if you click on photo and you are sent to another page, that means the plugin isn’t working because the entire blog page hasn’t finished loading.

Check my photo series when I prepared kilawin yesterday. Kilawin, my favorite pulutan (I’ve given up drinking but not eating pulutan), is typically prepared with roasted goat meat but I prefer roasted pork. Just click on the photos below:
Bankal marketSpices for pork kilawinChopped spicesPork kilawin

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  1. Just out of curiosity, what was the conflict with the Sweet Titles?

  2. Dustin,
    I have no idea what’s causing the conflict. I just know that when you’re using Sweet Titles, the captions won’t get displayed by Lightbox. I will check further with the Lightbox plugin author on how to fix this because he did mention that the conflict was fixed.

  3. I found your article while researching the Lightbox/Tooltips conflict. I wrote an article discussing the problem and provide a solution that should apply to your situation.

    The article can be found at

    Best regards,
    August Klotz

  4. August,
    Thanks for the helpful tip. I’ll try it out. I’ll also try to integrate tooltips in the WordPress theme I’m porting now that there’s a solution to the conflict.

  5. I can’t for the life of me get the series of photographs to work like you have above. I have the plugin installed and it works, but I just can’t figure out the series of images. Can you help!?

  6. nevermind! i figured it out. i was putting [series name] after the ” instead of inside! thanks anyway!

  7. I can’t get the lightbox quicktag to display in post editing field. What could be wrong. Can you help!??

  8. John,
    You might want to check other plugins you are using as these may be interfering with the Lightbox plugin. Which Lightbox plugin version are you using?

  9. I’m using WP Lightbox 2 plug-in ver 0.6. I am also very interested in linking flickr photos link the examples here. Is there a tutorial for linking flickr photos with WP?

  10. mayette q. tabada Avatar
    mayette q. tabada

    Hi, Max

    I understood the kilawin part 🙂 The first picture was taken in Agora? So, was the kilawin good?

    Your neighbor in Bangkal and the newsroom

  11. Hi Mayette,

    No, I bought the spices in a small market sa unahan pa. The kilawin, to quote Paris Hilton, was “hot.” Literally. You need a pitcher of water by your side to survive the pulutan. 🙂

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