Writing, reading and mobile devices

GOOD Web writing is non-linear. It takes advantage of the key technology behind the Internet—the hyperlink—to provide context, additional information and even marginalia. It is “writing for selfish readers,” as usability expert Jakob Nielsen puts it. Web readers have so many sites and services competing for their attention they barely have time to read yourContinue reading “Writing, reading and mobile devices”

Poynter lists tips on how to build an engaged audience

Poynter associate editor Mallary Jean Tenore lists tips for online journalists to build an engaged audience online in her post “5 small steps journalists can take to build a bigger, more engaged audience.” The post provides great pieces of advice on getting the word out on your article like letting your news sources and peopleContinue reading “Poynter lists tips on how to build an engaged audience”

Curated Kindle reading

Delivereads is an interesting service for the Kindle—it sends out articles curated by “Web-addicted insider, investor and entrepreneur” Dave Pell. Pell said he thought about the service after he got a Kindle. “My friends got together and bought me a Kindle because they worried I was spending too much time on the web and notContinue reading “Curated Kindle reading”

The sky isn’t falling

(Here’s my closing remarks at the Online Campus Journalism Seminar and Workshop held by Smart for campus journalists in Cebu.) Twelve years ago, a group of journalists, writers and artists in Cebu decided to form a cooperative and publish a different type of community newspaper. The Independent Post was a paper that was to beContinue reading “The sky isn’t falling”

5th Smart Sweep Innovation and Excellence Award: Notes from the sidelines

(This is for my column on Tuesday, March 17) BY THE TIME this column gets printed, we’d have known whether a group of students from the University of San Carlos (USC) made Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program (Sweep) history by being the first Cebu team to win the Innovation and Excellence Award. We’d have knownContinue reading “5th Smart Sweep Innovation and Excellence Award: Notes from the sidelines”

Reporter’s notebook

I finally got my Asus Eee PC last Wednesday. It has, since then, replaced my main writing gear: an MSI S260 laptop running on Ubuntu Linux. Several reporters and editors in Sun.Star Cebu had wanted to purchase an Eee PC since the start of the year but we couldn’t get a supplier with enough stocksContinue reading “Reporter’s notebook”

Using WordPress as CMS of news, magazine sites redux

My redesign of Cebu Living, an online magazine on Cebu, is now live. Check it out. It’s using a WordPress theme for news and magazine websites. The new theme still needs a lot of work but if you want to try it out, you can do an anonymous svn checkout: svn checkout http://svn2.assembla.com/svn/cebulivingmagazine. Just goContinue reading “Using WordPress as CMS of news, magazine sites redux”

Going to school—Drupal school

I’ve been studying Drupal these past months. Drupal is a highly-regarded open source content management system (CMS) that can run anything from a single-person website to a community portal. There’s even a Newspapers on Drupal group for people using the CMS for their news websites. NOW SHOWING. I’ve downloaded Elliott Rothman’s video tutorial series onContinue reading “Going to school—Drupal school”

Blogging break

It’s been an exceedingly hectic week in the newsroom since the May 14 elections. This is my 4th election coverage and it was as it has always been: frenzied, tiring, and stressful but ultimately exciting and fulfilling. News events such as elections make you want to leave the newsroom for the field. Out there, theContinue reading “Blogging break”