Announcing WP-Subdued WordPress theme

I have just released WP-Subdued, a WordPress theme based on the open source Subdued web template released by Free CSS Templates. I regularly check Free CSS Templates and when I saw the Subdued template, I immediately knew it was perfect for a site I’m helping to launch.

wp-subdued WP-SUBDUED. My WordPress port of the Subdued template released by Free CSS Templates. Click on photo to view larger image.

To preview the original template, click on this link. To view how it looks in WordPress, check this working version in my sandbox.

The template was released as an open source design under a Creative Commons Attribution license and the designer said he’d appreciate if you somehow link to his site.

Save for changing the header to not use images, styling the sidebar list, and adding comment and search forms, I kept most of the design elements.

Free CSS Templates offers many great-looking open source designs. I spotted a couple of designs I’m interested in porting to WordPress for use in some personal projects.

If you want to learn how to turn any web design or template into a WordPress theme, you can read my previous post on it or view the video tutorial.


Download the theme
You can download the theme here. The files are hosted in my account. Unzip the files and upload the subdued folder into your wp-content/themes directory. If you spot anything wrong with the theme, leave me a note so I can fix it.

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6 responses

  1. Nice theme, I’ll be using this one for a blog of mine.

    Does theme support sidebar widgets?

  2. Hi Jhay,
    Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, the theme doesn’t support sidebar widgets. I don’t use widgets myself even if it now comes bundled with the latest WordPress version. I might try using it so that I can add support for sidebar widgets in themes I port.

  3. Great-looking theme, Max!

    Just curious, though… if you look at a specific post, you’ll find two H1 tags. Will search engines penalize your post if it has more than one H1 tag?

  4. Hi Manuel,
    Thanks. I don’t really know whether search engines will penalize you if you have multiple h1 tags. (mental note to self: check). But what happened in the theme was that I had intended to use an image header instead of text and just used a placeholder title enclosed in h1 tags.
    I forgot to replace it with an image header and so the h1 title got ported into the theme. I’m updating this theme as soon as I finish my newspaper style WordPress theme. Thanks for the heads-up by the way.

  5. I am total new at the web, learning each day, doing new stuff….
    felt that I would try wordpress.. great
    thing, better then blogger…
    however being new I have a few problem……
    #1 how and where do one view the home page…..
    I use Index.php but nada…. so far
    I have change the page so much, but still nothen…….
    i have look all over the net but no usfull info so far

  6. I used the original template to build my church’s site. I’m interested in using your template to convert to a friendlier platform for updating, but can’t figure out how to make added buttons work (I’m new to this stuff…self taught old school HTMLer). I’ve added them in the “header.php” file, but wordpress didn’t like that: Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_page name (). Any advice? You can post or email. Thanks.

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