“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”
– Warren Buffett

30 days Highlights

Taking on 30-day challenges

Thirty days are “just about the right time to add a new habit or subtract a habit,” Google engineer Matt Cutts said in his TED talk in 2011.

“If you really want something badly enough, you can do anything in 30 days,” he said.

By taking on his 30-day challenges, Cutts said he found that “instead of the months flying by, forgotten, the time was much more memorable.”

He also said that “small, sustainable changes” were more likely to stick.

Highlights Internet Journalism Mobile WebTech

Learning to build mobile sites, from WAP to JQuery Mobile

Sun.Star Cebu mobile app
EASY, POWERFUL FRAMEWORK. JQuery Mobile allows non-programmers like me to easily and quickly build powerful mobile Web apps and sites. (Photo by Max Limpag)

About ten years ago, I built a WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) mobile news site. This was at a time when the cellphone to aspire for was the Nokia 7110, a slider phone made even cooler when a similar device was used in the Matrix movie.

At that time, the Sun.Star website signed a content agreement with Smart for SMS and WAP news and they needed a WAP mobile site. Nobody among the website staff then knew how to build a WAP site. Being a sucker for always trying to learn new stuff, I volunteered to build it.

I finished the WAP site in time for the launch after a 3-day development marathon done after I finished my work at the Sun.Star Cebu copy desk, fueled by more than a pack of Marlboro reds a day (I was still a heavy smoker then) and guided by a phonebook-thick Wireless Markup Language (WML) reference for the Artus Netgate.

Free services WebTech

Why Flickr is awesome again


A free terabyte of storage. A thousand gigabytes. That’s how Flickr announced it was back in the photo hosting game.

Last week, Yahoo chief executive officer Marissa Mayer announced that the Internet pioneer is giving users of its photo sharing service  Flickr a terabyte of free storage. That amount of free space boggles one’s mind.

To show it off, Flickr has a slider on its homepage that allows you to calculate how many photos you can store in your free allocation, depending on the resolution. If you store 8-megapixel pictures, the resolution of the iPhone 5, you could store up 436,906 photos.


iTunes gives me the Blues

There is a special place in Inferno for iTunes.

A few minutes to my Saturday run this week, I decided on a change in music. I usually listen to NPR podcasts or Bob Dylan, Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse while running but yesterday I wanted to listen to The Lumineers and Madeleine Peyroux.

I listen to songs on the BlackBerry Z10 because its storage is expandable with a memory card (unlike that of the iPhone) and it’s easier to manage songs there — just a matter of mounting the phone’s memory card as a storage drive and adding or removing the songs.

MUSIC ON THE IPHONE. I wanted to copy 4 albums on my Mac into my iPhone and iTunes insists on backing it up first, syncing things before sending the files. I went through the process for close to an hour to find, while I was already out on my run, that the files weren’t copied.
MUSIC ON THE IPHONE. I wanted to copy 4 albums on my Mac into my iPhone and iTunes insists on backing it up first, syncing things before sending the files. I went through the process for close to an hour to find, while I was already out on my run, that the files weren’t copied.

But for running, I prefer using the iPhone because of RunKeeper. The BlackBerry Z10 has an equivalent app — Sports Tracker — but it often hangs and force closes in the middle of your run. Several times, it also stopped tracking the mileage.

I planned to start running at 5 p.m. and attached the iPhone to the MacBook Pro to sync the albums a few minutes before that time.

Manually managing songs on iTunes

BlackBerry Mobile Review

Nobex is a great BlackBerry 10 podcast app

Nobex Podcast and Radio app

There aren’t many BlackBerry 10 apps that compare well with those for Android and iOS. While using some BB10 apps, you get a foreboding feeling of something about to crash it tingles. Take the Sports Tracker for BlackBerry, an app that tracks your run or bike ride using GPS. Midway into your run, it hangs and at times closes and you lose your mileage log.

But not the Nobex Radio and Podcast app.

The podcatcher app for the Z10 and Q10 is not only among the best made-for-BlackBerry 10 apps in the BlackBerry World, it is also at par with some of the best apps in other platforms.


On Keeping A Notebook

The impulse to write things down is a peculiarly compulsive one, inexplicable to those who do not share it, useful only accidentally, only secondarily, in the way that any compulsion tries to justify itself.
Joan Didion – On Keeping A Notebook

LifeHacks productivity Wiki

In the time of the cloud, paper notebooks


I love paper notebooks. I have several at a time: the reporters’ favorite Green Apple steno small enough to fit in your pocket, a pair of Moleskine plain cahier journals and OhYeah Moleskine knockoffs (see photo). When I’m in the bookstore, I never fail to stop by the notebooks section, often going there first. I go over the items one by one, the notebooks I checked just last week.

I panic when I don’t have one: notwithstanding the fact that my phone has Evernote and Simplenote, which are both connected to an online account and syncs to all my devices.

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Introduction to Startup Weekend Cebu 3

Startup Weekend Cebu 3 will be held on June 7, 8 and 9 at the University of San Carlos Downtown Campus. It will be held as part of the Cebu Business Month 2013 celebrations.

To prepare for the event, organizers led by will be holding an “Introduction to Startup Weekend” event tomorrow at 6 p.m. in the CEDFIT office in Asiatown IT Park in Lahug. The venue is across the Aegis People Support Building, Cebu.

To register for the event, you can go to the TechTalks Meetup page.

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Benefits of reading

From 10 Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day