Upgrading WordPress to latest version

I’ve just upgraded this site and several others I oversee and help manage to WordPress 2.0.4, the latest version of the popular blogging software. Upgrading was very easy as you only need to upload the files and overwrite the existing ones in your server. Unlike previous upgrades, however, you are not prompted with the databaseContinue reading “Upgrading WordPress to latest version”

Announcing Brighthouse-WP theme for WordPress

I’ve finished Brighthouse-WP, my WordPress port of the Brighthouse theme for Typo. Brighthouse is a simple two-column theme that reminds me of the design of the Signal v. Noise blog. Brighthouse was designed by web interface designer Richard White for the Typo blogging platform. I spotted the theme when I checked out the features ofContinue reading “Announcing Brighthouse-WP theme for WordPress”

A fire, a map, and a WordPress theme

Fire gutted the landmark Plaza Fair building early morning Tuesday. Reports say the fire caused P20 million in damages. The blaze broke out just as we were finalizing the day’s newspaper issue. We no longer had time to include the story in the issue. But I admit it was tempting to copy Michael Keaton inContinue reading “A fire, a map, and a WordPress theme”

Sign up for an excellent website analytics tool with 103bees

Occasionally, you come across a website or an online service that makes you stop everything you’re doing because you absolutely have to try it. I had that experience with MeasureMap, Crazy Egg, Wridea, Lightbox, Zooomr and now 103bees. I read about the free website traffic analytics tool in this post in Performancing, a site thatContinue reading “Sign up for an excellent website analytics tool with 103bees”

Work on blog post ideas with Wridea

I seldom finish a blog post in one session in front of the computer. My typical blogging day starts with reading news feeds to check on updates on topics that interest me. Sometimes I get a blog post idea while reading RSS feed items and I’d write a note in my personal wiki about theContinue reading “Work on blog post ideas with Wridea”

Hey, Ubuntu’s sending stickers with its free CDs

I got my Ubuntu 6.06 CDs yesterday and was surprised to find three sheets of cool Ubuntu stickers with the package. I claimed the package at the Cebu City central post office at the port area and the clerk in charge of releasing the shipments said inquiringly “Ubuntu Linux?” It turns out that they’ve beenContinue reading “Hey, Ubuntu’s sending stickers with its free CDs”

Adobe releases Lightroom beta for Windows

Adobe Lightroom, the software “built from the ground up by photographers, for photographers,” now has a Windows version of its beta. I tried it and I was blown away with the way it allows you to edit your photographs. The Windows version is labeled Beta 3 but Adobe’s announcement says the program is slightly behindContinue reading “Adobe releases Lightroom beta for Windows”

Put some oomph into your blog with Zooomr and Lightbox

Use snazzy image loading effects in your blog with Lightbox JS and a Zooomr account (quick, they’re still offering free pro accounts to bloggers, get yours). Lightbox JS allows you to load larger versions of images on the same page via a cool overlay window. The rest of the page is dimmed with a grayishContinue reading “Put some oomph into your blog with Zooomr and Lightbox”

Zooomr 2.0 now live

After days of being delayed by a denial of service attack, Zooomr finally launched version 2.0 of its service today. Apart from finally being able to try features the Zooomr team has added, I’m just relieved that I can finally use the service. I really like Zooomr, especially with the way it promoted its serviceContinue reading “Zooomr 2.0 now live”

Newsforge: A lot to like in Serendipity but nothing compelling to switch

Open source news site Newsforge has published a review of the 1.0 version of Serendipity, the blog script that I used for previous versions of the Cybercafe Experiments. According to the article, installing Serendipity to manage your blog “is a breeze” and shouldn’t be a problem to someone who has experience installing web scripts likeContinue reading “Newsforge: A lot to like in Serendipity but nothing compelling to switch”