Zooomr 2.0 now live

After days of being delayed by a denial of service attack, Zooomr finally launched version 2.0 of its service today. Apart from finally being able to try features the Zooomr team has added, I’m just relieved that I can finally use the service.

I really like Zooomr, especially with the way it promoted its service among bloggers. If you open an account with Zooomr and you blog a photo stored in its servers, you can get a free one year pro account, which gives you a monthly uploading quota of 2 gigabytes. After meeting the conditions of the promo, you can upgrade your account here.

I’m still trying out the new features of Zooomr, one of which is geo-tagging your images (click on photo to enlarge). I browsed through the photos that I’ve uploaded to enter tags and I find the service almost as fast as Flickr’s. This is an improvement because when I first started using Zooomr, it was a bit slower than Flickr, albeit not by much.
Geo-tagging in zooomr

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