PocketMod “Sony” edition

I love paper planners, especially PocketMod. I used to have stacks of index cards that serve as hipster PDA but when I found PocketMod, I stuck with it. PocketMod is a flash application that allows you to customize a letter printout that you can fold into a multi-page planner.

I use PocketMod to take notes whenever I’m offline. I’d then enter these notes into my ZiddlyWiki and the tasks list into RememberTheMilk (previously it was BackPackIt). To prepare for two presentations I’d be giving in the coming days, I printed a new PocketMod with several story boards to serve as scratch pad for my presentations.

The problem with PocketMods is that these get crumpled in less than a day. I looked for a blank diskette case to serve as container but found a better one: a case for a blank Sony cassette tape used in one of the radio monitors in the newsroom. The Sony cassette tape case was a perfect fit, you just had to remove the two protruding things that keep the tape in place (I used long-nosed pliers). It even has room for a small pencil.

Pocketmod Pocketmod
Check out the story boards of PocketMod: these are great for planning slide presentations.

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  1. […] I’ve long wanted to implement online the concept behind the Printable CEO. I’m not very good at doing things on paper, despite the fact that I work for a newspaper. I’ve frequently lost notebooks and pieces of paper containing jottings, notes, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. The longest paper-based organizer I’ve kept is my Pocketmod “Sony” edition. I keep a lot of blank Pocketmods in case I need to brainstorm when I’m away from the desk. […]

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