I’m trying out Matt’s Asides. I’ll check it out first with my test blog and if I can make it work, I’ll implement it here. I’m also running the beta version of Open Office (version 2.0 beta 2). I used to run the stable version, 1.14. I installed Open Office 2.0 this afternoon.

I was asked to write for a special report in our paper on a topic I really like. I can’t disclose the assignment, the editors might kill me. For this assignment, I plan to use Backpack (www.backpackit.com) and ZiddlyWiki (www.ziddlywiki.com) for my tasks lists and notes. I’ll then write about it here.

NerdTV‘s first episode is out here’s PBS’ teaser on the episode: Andy Hertzfeld, the original Macintosh systems programmer, talks about MacHistory and how he fell in love with Open Source software. I’m still downloading the episode.

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