The theme is a port of the Nautica05 open source template by Studio7Designs, which is available at The theme was built using pieces of great WordPress theme code I collected in this post. It works out of the box with FAlbum, a WordPress plugin that integrates your Flickr photos into your blog.

nautica05-wordpress theme

You can preview the theme in my WordPress sandbox.

To change the links on top of and below the header image, edit the header.php file.

By default, Nautica05-WordPress uses a two column layout. You can, however, change it to a three-column page by using the included leftbar.php. You can then include photo thumbnails in the left bar to present your photo collection or to promote certain sections or posts.

If you want to change the layout of the blog’s main page, you need to edit the index.php file. If you want to use three-columns for all parts of the site, you also need to edit single.php, page.php, category.php, archives.php and falbum.php.

To change the layout into three columns, edit leftbar.php and place this code: before the tag then change the succeeding line from



You can download the theme in this site. It’s on a account. To download, just click on the arrow after nautica05-wordpress then choose zip folder. Extract the files and upload these to your wp-content/themes directory.

If you want a webzine-type implementation of the design, check my themes pages.

Please leave comments and suggestions in the blog post announcing this theme.