Using a TiddlyWiki: a video guide

I am a long-time user of TiddlyWikis and its various adaptations. Before a catastrophic accident involving the synchronization of various offline files wiped out my tasks list, I was an extensive user of GTDTiddlyWiki. After the accident, I moved to a server-side TiddlyWiki, alternating between and ZiddlyWiki before finally settling with TiddlySpot.

I am also a long-time TiddlyWiki “evangelist.” Any chance I get to introduce TiddlyWiki, I’d show it off.

TiddlyWiki is a great script to manage your notes and task list. It’s a single page that you can edit with your browser. Although it is very easy to use, TiddlyWikis can be confusing to some people, especially those not familiar with wikis.

I find that if I show people how to edit a TiddlyWiki, they immediately get the idea behind it and you can leave them on their own, a new TiddlyWiki convert.

Here’s a video tutorial on how to use a TiddlyWiki. It was done for those still unfamiliar with the script.

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  1. Glad you like Tiddlyspot! I can’t get your video at the moment. I will try again later but could you put it in YouTube?

  2. Okay it works now. That’s pretty cool. It’s worth noting that the TW you downloaded in the demo is actually several major versions out of date. There’s a more modern version with the same look and feel at

  3. Hi,

    I noticed you’re using screencasts as well, but they load slow – the internet archive is not the most performant storage…
    I think you might be interested in using, – I’ve been comparing several services:

  4. Pascal,
    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll host this video tutorial, and the others that I did, elsewhere, maybe YouTube.

  5. Hello,
    I have just come across this site after looking to build my own public wiki.

    This is also my first time learning about what GTD is.

    I think a personal wiki will be great for me.


  6. Boss, you have my MMO user name! LOL…anyway, i’m a Ubuntu + Tiddlywiki noob from Cebu and I just could not resist clicking the link when it said : Screencasts from … LeonKilat

    I always thought that was the coolest name.

  7. Bottled.Notes,
    It is indeed a cool name, one that was borne by a revolutionary who met a tragic end. It’s great to hear from other Ubuntu, TiddlyWiki user from Cebu. Alert me if you plan to meet up so that I can attend. Have you heard of Ubuntu release parties in the city?

  8. thank you very much

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