Upgrading to WordPress 2.0.1

I finished upgrading this blog Wednesday night to WordPress 2.0.1, which was released two weeks back to fix bugs in WordPress 2.0. I was a bit wary in upgrading the blog because of problems posted on the WordPress support forum by those who upgraded their installations.

I already lost a lot (close to 50) of blog entries when I botched an upgrade to Serendipity, the blog script I used before WordPress.

But I took the plunge, anyway. I backed up all my blog files. I did not bother getting a database backup because the recent database backup file sent to my GMail account by the WordPress database backup script was still current.I then deactivated all my plugins and reverted to the default WordPress theme. I reverted to the default theme because I hadn’t edited this and so there were no calls for plugins that I had already deactivated.

I uploaded the upgrade files, entered the URL of the upgrade script, crossed my fingers and upgraded the site. The site doesn’t appear to be broken but I did encounter one error raised in the support forum, when editing old posts. It’s an error that I can live with because the edits are saved despite the error messages. But because of it, I decided not to upgrade the other WordPress blogs I run or help run.

Update: It appears to be a WordPress bug that involves and apostrophe in the post:

If a new post contains both an image either “Linked To Image” or “Linked To Page” and an apostrophe anywhere in the post (‘) then the apostrophe is not escaped properly causing a database error.

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  1. Pinoy Cook is still running on WP 1.5.2 and I’m happier with it than Sassy Lawyer’s WP 2.0. Can’t imagine why 2.0 doesn’t give the user an option of whether or not to create thumbnails.

    Now it looks like I’ll be sticking with 1.5.2 based on the quoted portion above.

  2. I hope they get to fix the bug. Most of the sites I help run still run WP 1.5.2.

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