Upgraded to WordPress 2.0.2

I was in the middle of editing the new theme I’m using when I read the announcement of a security release for WordPress. Version 2.0.2 contains bugfixes and security fixes.

Matt Mullenweg said in the version announcement: “The problems addressed are unannounced XSS issues privately discovered and reported to the WordPress team.”

The announcement doesn’t say, though, whether the security issue is just with the recent WordPress 2.0.1 release or this is something that exists even with previous versions. I upgraded this blog to the latest release last night, and the upgrade went without a hitch: back up all files, change theme to default one (which I left unedited) so that calls for plugins that will be deactivated won’t spew out errors, disable all plugins, upload new files to overwrite existing ones in the server (I used to delete the files but WordPress’ upgrade guide says you can just overwrite the old ones), run upgrade.php and I’m now using WordPress 2.0.2.

I checked my site and everything seems to be okay. I edited a post and again encountered a bunch of errors.

WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ” at line 3]
SELECT post_id FROM wp_post2cat WHERE category_id =

A quick search using the error phrase (which I should have done weeks back) showed that the errors that I wrote about earlier were caused by the Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin I was using. I promptly upgraded the new plugin version and the errors are now gone. Back to blogging.

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