Make your Windows PC look, act like OS X

Refresh your boring Windows desktop by transforming it to resemble the sleek Mac OS X with the FlyakiteOSX transformation pack. The free software package automates the installation of tweaks, third-party programs, desktop themes and menus to make your Windows PC look and act like OS X (see screenshots below).

I tried the software and found the installation easy. I did not encounter errors when I installed it into my Windows XP with Service Pack 2 office computer. You need to restart your computer after the installation.

I was concerned that the transformation would be such a resource hog and would slow my system to the point that it becomes unusable. It did not. I was surprised that I did not notice any noticeable speed difference after I installed FlyakiteOSX.

What’s great about the transformation pack is that it mimics OS X’s menu system, where you see icons docked at the bottom of your screen. This menu system is very useable and is way superior to the menu system used by Windows. It is also such an eye candy.

Here are screenshots of the desktop of my office PC after I installed FlyakitOSX (click on photos to view larger images):
FlyakiteOSX Flyakiteosx

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8 responses

  1. Looks good! Thanks for sharing. I’ll be monitoring the memory consumption of this one, though. 😉

  2. Poldo,
    Yeah. I’ve done graphics and page editing with FlyakiteOSX installed and I haven’t experienced a noticeable slowing of my office PC, which only has 25gMB of RAM. We’ll see in the coming days if my system won’t slow down.

  3. Looks promising. Will give it a try on my sister’s PC. After my dad sold his Mac, I’ve been mmissing the OS X so badly!

    Still, I love my Ubuntu Linux. 😉

  4. c’mon guys… just get a real mac instead. don’t imitate, capitulate.

  5. i’v come across it before without reading this, im trying to look for something better and less dangerous. i wouldn’t reccomend this program because it renames files and can potentialy cripple your system. even when i had mines fixed, some of the icons in the control panel are mac.

  6. oh and i like windows and ubunu, eye candy is in ubuntu and without windows, people would never have found a way to actually run mac on a pc. you can easily hack into windows some would say, then hack into other operating systems. linux company should have its own computer company, and call their computers the…Nux or something. then have commercials like, hi im a Nux, im a Mac, and im a PC. and Nux can run on all of them.

  7. have tried the transformation pack and it gives errors after sometime…tried uninstalling it and then the problems turn to headaches..and then finally crashes the computer..have tried the transformation pack three times…ending up formatting the PC everytime…do not use it

  8. i tried to unistall it and its left me with mac icons and skins , no progression bar anymore , tried to email flyakite but its retuned as not a valid email DO NOT INSTALL

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