They’re staging a google bomb

I said in an earlier post that activists should consider taking the protest against President Arroyo to online social networks and using Google bombing. The Young Radicals blog has started the campaign, calling anti-Arroyo online forces to link “pekeng pangulo” to her home page at

The blog is also calling for the Google bombing of the Department of Justice website with “sira ulo;” and the portal with “gobyernong bulok.” By using Tagalog keywords, the google bombing would be easier since they’ll have to compete with fewer sites than, say, trying to google bomb the President’s home page with “liar” or “fake president.”

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  1. Fernando Po, Jr. Avatar
    Fernando Po, Jr.

    Some people just have nothing better to do. Why don’t they just do the Philippines a favor by flushing themselves in the TOILET????

  2. Renee Muga Trinidad Avatar
    Renee Muga Trinidad


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