Use QR codes to make your business cards interactive

DO you still hand out business cards or do you just wirelessly send contact details? Does the printed business card still have a role in a time when phone users can just Bump to exchange contact data?

In some tech circles, contacts data are already transmitted through a type of bar code known as QR for quick response codes. QR Codes, which was created by Denso-Wave in 1994, are widely in use in Japan, even in encoding passport data.

With most smartphone platforms—from Android, iPhone and Symbian—supporting QR Codes and even coming bundled with a scanner, its use has a chance of going mainstream.

Increasingly QR codes are being used in business cards to simplify the entry of data into the phone.

I wrote about using QR codes in business cards in a column here four years ago but the steps it took were a bit tedious. Now, it’s infinitely easier.

SCANNING. The phone redirects to my profile page after scanning my QR Code. Using QR Codes, you can make your business cards interactive.