Pity the policemen

It seems having sex during anti-prostitution raids is a sacrifice for them. Chief Insp. Romeo Perigo of the Cebu Provincial Police Office says so. Provincial Prosecutor Jane Petralba, however, says police should stop having sex in anti-prostitution raids because they are “not only exposing their butts, but also (themselves) to criminal case for having sex with these prostitutes.”

Did Budoy actually say gerger on Pinoy Big Brother?

Cebu’s reggae king Budoy of Junior Kilat is one of the celebrity housemates in Pinoy Big Brother and boy will he make this season interesting. I’m not a regular viewer of the program but I’ll be tuning in this season because of two Cebu-based housemates: Budoy and Angela Calina.

Suspicions that Budoy will sanitize his act for Pinoy Big Brother promptly vanished a few seconds after his introduction last night. He sang his version of the Big Brother theme, reworking the lyrics to sing about his entry into the program.

And at one point, when he was hugging one of the program’s host he said “Wa koy sa kung maka gerger ko ani.” I was only half listening to the broadcast because I was still finishing a news page but this made me stop everything I was doing. Everyone in the newsroom laughed. Gerger is a euphemism for sex. It’s one of those gayspeak words that have gone mainstream. Being a euphemism, it doesn-t sound as vulgar as kayat, though. I’m not good at translating but what Budoy said, for me, was: don’t blame me if I get to make love here (in the show?). I’m not as sure but he could also mean: don’t blame me if I get to screw her (the host). Any other bisdak who was able to hear what he actually said?

And when the host said hinihikayat after Budoy said a lot of people would be texting for him, Budoy actually told her it was bastos. Good thing she didn’t ask him what kayat meant.

Having a smashing time

I haven’t been able to post in this blog lately nor visit my usual online haunts and my “later” to-do list has doubled these past several days. The reason: an office table tennis tournament.
Ever since the office put up a new table in preparation for last year’s Cebu tri-media tournament, more and more Sun.Star people have been playing table tennis. I’ve taken up the sport I learned in high school drinking sessions and have been enjoying it. It’s not football but the exercise helps. I’ve been meaning to take up football again after reading one of those press freedom week features that showed most desk editors in Cebu die of heart ailments.

And as with anything I do, I take to the Web for tips. I found these helpful table tennis tips videos from About.com. The videos helped me unlearn the bad habits in playing the game that I took up when I learned it under the influence of alcohol.

Cebu City’s biggest party is over

Sinulog is Cebu City’s biggest street party and gathering. People take over Cebu City streets in the annual street parade, held every third Sunday of January. Although there were fewer contingents last Sunday, the crowd that watched the parade appeared to be bigger.

Here are some photos Marlen and I took of the celebration honoring Cebu’s patron saint, the Holy Infant.

BEST FLOAT. This contraption by the Cebu Contractors’ Association was picked as the best float.

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Cebu City gets makeover for annual mardi gras

Streamers and buntings are now all over central Cebu City, the route of the annual Sinulog street parade. Among the changes in this years mardi gras: 10 Cebu tourist spots will be showcased in tarpaulin installations in key areas of the parade route; contingents will be asked to perform their program usually reserved for the Cebu City Sports Center on the streets; more spectacular fireworks and bigger prizes.

Gen. Maxilom Ave. Cebu City

Neighboring areas complain against ‘Imperial Cebu’

Cebu, according to Dumaguete City Mayor Agustin Perdices, is “becoming like Imperial Manila.” Perdices and Siquijor Gov. Orlando Fua complained in yesterday’s Regional Development Council meeting that Cebu is cornering most of the projects approved for Central Visayas.

Here’s Sun.Star’s story on the issue:

DUMAGUETE CITY – Tired of hearing about so many infrastructure projects for Cebu, government officials from Siquijor and Oriental Negros griped about the lack of attention to their provinces’ needs.

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Citizen journalist answers Cebuano commentator

Lawyer Erwin Fabriga, who writes for Sun.Star Cebu’s citizen journalists blog, answers the Sun.Star Cebu column of popular broadcaster Bobby Nalzaro. Fabriga points out what he says are fallacies in Nalzaro’s Nov. 12 column: Vigilantes should be commended.

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Domain of Cebu-based newspaper expires

TheFreeman.com is no more. The domain name of the newspaper I used to work for expired and is now just a landing page. The Freeman, however, no longer uses the domain and for months the pages there were no longer updated.

TheFreeman.com has a Google page rank of 5 and when I checked the domain sale details, the page said that the minimum bid for the domain was $3,000.

The Freeman is now part of the Philippine Star Group of Publications and its online version is now hosted at the Philstar.com portal. The problem with its Philstar.com hosting, however, is that it does not have a fixed URL that you can promote in the paper. The link to The Freeman website changes everyday-it is an html page with a date-based filename.

Smart demonstrates 3G network capabilities in Cebu

Smart's demo of video callSmart demonstrated yesterday its 3G network capabilities in a media briefing in Cebu. The telecom giant has set up a 3G test network in Mactan Island, Cebu, the venue of this year’s Inter-working Roaming Expert Group (IREG) conference.

In yesterday’s briefing, Smart demonstrated a video call between a Smart phone and a phone subscribed to roaming partner Telecom Italia Mobile. The test call wasn’t just to any Telecom Italia Mobile subscriber-it was to IREG chair Lucy Lombardi. Smart said this is the “first inter-network 3G video call in the country.”

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Prove Cebu City is not Murder City

Mayor Tomas Osmea isnt worried by the rash of killings of suspected criminals in Cebu City. “It’s worse for the city’s image if there are many criminals,” he said in a press conference.

So the recent killings of “criminals”-of previous convicts-don’t give an impression that Cebu City has many criminals?

Mayor Osmea had admitted he may have created “some sort of influence” when he said in one of his news conferences “to hunt them (criminals) down. All of a sudden, many of them died.”

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