Citizen journalist answers Cebuano commentator

Lawyer Erwin Fabriga, who writes for Sun.Star Cebu’s citizen journalists blog, answers the Sun.Star Cebu column of popular broadcaster Bobby Nalzaro. Fabriga points out what he says are fallacies in Nalzaro’s Nov. 12 column: Vigilantes should be commended.

Nalzaro said:

Yes, there were killings, but consider those who were killed. Most of them were notorious elements that terrorized people through their nefarious activities.

Their deaths were therefore not alarming. We should only be alarmed if those killed are people with good standing in the community, like businessmen.

Fabriga counters: Instead of praising these killers for their dastardly acts, Mr. Nalzaro should focus his tirades on the inept and corrupt policemen who have been remiss in their duty to maintain peace and order in the “Queen City of the South.”

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