App that helps track, control stolen phones wins award

A mobile phone application that helps owners recover stolen units and protect private data was chosen as this year’s winner of the Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program (Sweep) Innovation and Excellence Awards, which closed last Saturday at the SM Mall of Asia.

The application, Smart Phone Guard, hides itself whenever the phone’s SIM (subscriber identification module) is replaced. It then sends an alert to the phones of friends registered by the owner into the application.

Sweep award PHONE GUARD. Rexcel Balatbat, lead student of the Smart Phone Guard project, explains features of the application to Mon Isberto, Smart and PLDT public affairs head. Smart Phone Guard won this year’s Smart Wireless Engineering Education Program (Sweep) Innovation and Excellence Awards. Click on photo to view larger image. (photo by Smart PA)

The alert message contains the new phone number being used by the unit and its new IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), if this has been changed. The application, created by students of Bulacan State University, won P500,000 for the student team and another P500,000 in grants for the school.

The phone software can help save lives because it makes it easier for people to give up their phones during robberies, knowing they can track it later and, more important for kinky folks out there, delete private data such as messages, contacts, photos, and videos.

When the phone is stolen, the owner can just use a phone he or she registered with the application earlier to control or track the unit. The owner can send a command to the application to delete photos and movies stored in the phone. The owner can also command the phone to give its location via the locator service of Smart.

All these are being done by the application without the robber or, in cases when the phone has been sold, the new owner noticing it. The phone can also be commanded to emit a high-pitch tone, a feature that helps forgetful owners find missing units.

Smart phone guard SMART PHONE GUARD. This application hides itself whenever the unit’s SIM is replaced. It then sends data back to help the owner trace the unit. Click on photo to view larger image.

Rexcel Balatbat, lead student of the project, says he finished programming the application early this March. He said initially he wanted to do it using Java Micro Edition but he couldn’t find a way to get the phone’s IMEI and the SIM’s IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity), in order to get the phone’s new number.

Balatbat eventually decided to write the program in Series 60 2nd edition. Balatbat said he’ll be working to port the phone on other systems. To make the phone commercially available, he said the operator must ask manufacturers to include the application in the index file to protect it from deletion during a master reset.

Taking the second place is a home security system controlled by SMS or short messaging system. The project by Systems Plus College Foundation students, Smarthouse, won P300,000 for the team and another P300,000 in grants for the school.

Smarthouse is a system that consists of sensors that detect intrusion, alarms that warn intruders, and a server that sends messages to the owner of the house and law enforcers whenever unauthorized entry is detected.

The system also allows the owner of the house to switch on and off lights and electrical appliances.

Ateneo de Davao University’s entry was picked third, winning for its students P150,000 and for the school, P150,000 in grants. Their project, Vehicle Emergency Locator (VEL), sends an alert message whenever the car’s airbag system is deployed during accidents. The message contains the last known location of the vehicles, as plotted through GPS (Global Positioning System).

VEL also has a manual button that the car driver can press to send a distress signal to seek help for minor car troubles. The system continually updates its location data via GPS. VEL communicates using a paired Bluetooth-capable phone. But for the system to work, the owner must turn both the application and Bluetooth connectivity on.

(Disclosure: I was one of five judges of the event. In the coming days, I’ll be writing about the other applications shortlisted for the finals.)

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  1. This reminds me of my first ever Nokia 6600 that got stolen inside a jeepney. Ahuhuhu!! This Smarty Phone Guard truly is an innovation… but why do I get a feeling that this only works for Smart cellphones… hehe.

  2. Marcvill,
    The application isn’t network dependent and would work on any Series 60 2nd edition phones.

  3. leo retardo Avatar
    leo retardo

    how can i use this program?how can i download this program?pls. send me a reply thanks a lot.

  4. how can i get this program? pls. send me a response. thanks.

  5. Leo, JohnVincent,
    I do not know whether this program is already commercially available. I will ask the students and then post an update here.

  6. where can i get this application?

  7. Guys,
    I’ve contacted Smart on whether this application will be deployed. An official has promised to inform me as soon as they arrive at a decision. I will then post it here. Thanks for the feedback.

  8. webwires Avatar

    Guys I don’t want to discredit the students of Bulacan State University for creating an application to help prevent cell phone thieves (is it proper to use the word “creating” even the so called application was already available since 2004).

    And I’m not fully aware of the contest rule but according to The 3rd Smart Sweep Innovation and Excellence Awards Official Mechanics, under Statement of Originality, it clearly states… “With this document, prospective participants guarantee that their entries were not part of and were not copied from previous SWEEP Awards entries, that they were not entered in any other competition, and that they do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of any third party.â€?

    And it also state at the opening statement of the mechanics…�The event presents the opportunity for budding engineers to showcase their technical know-how and ingenuity.�

    How can you claim it “ingenuity� or originality if it was already available on… check it:


    1. Phone Guardian: Are you afraid that one day somebody will steal your expensive S60 smartphone or you may just leave it and someone can use your confidential data? Just stop worrying and secure your phone with Phone Guardian. Phone Guardian for S60 3rd Edition mobile security software is a must for your phone because:
    * It secures your mobile and all data on it by locking the smartphone on SIM change or on secure SMS
    * It provides automatically all possible information to find the thief and get your phone back
    * Mobile can be locked automatically after the phone is some time idle, so that you do not have to worry about the security when you leave the phone. Unlock is possible only with the right password.
    Phone Guardian saves permanently all information about the mobile and the SIM. This information is sent to the defined number when the SIM is changed. Furthermore Phone Guardian allows to lock the mobile automatically or when a lock SMS is received. Once locked the phone remains secured. It will not be possible to use your mobile or to uninstall the Phone Guardian software without knowing the password.

    Key Features:
    * Automatic mobile total lock on SIM change or remotely using SMS
    * When locked the phone does not react on any key pressing and shows a secure message. This message can be put away only with entering the right password.
    * Information that will help you to find the mobile is sent automatically per SMS on every Sim change, including the number of inserted SIM, IMSI and CellID numbers
    * A very loud siren can accompany the phone lock if needed
    * Uninstall of Phone Guardian is possible only with password
    * Phone lock remains also after phone restart
    * Silent mode available: the info about the mobile can be sent without locking the phone.

    2. Guardian is an antitheft system for Series 60 devices. Every time you switch on your mobile telephone, Guardian proceeds with authentication of the inserted SIM card; if authentication fails, Guardian sends a notification SMS message to a previously set telephone number. In addition, the system features remote control functions, i.e. deleting your photographs/phone book/text messages/video/audio data in case of loss or theft of your mobile phone.

    3. MobiGuard disables a lost or stolen mobile via SMS, or if the SIM card is changed. If stolen, you can lock the phone instantly with an SMS, and MobiGuard will reply with the thief’s phone number. You can contact the finder, or turn the information over to Police to trace the SIM owner and lay charges for theft or receipt of stolen goods. Once locked, only emergency calls are allowed until you enter the unlock code. This saves you the double whammy of having to pay for expensive calls made from your stolen phone. Turn your phone into a weapon to track phone thieves, while protecting your mobile bill and phone book from abuse. Get MobiGuard and enjoy peace of mind against theft and accidental loss.

    If the awards, the Sweep Awards allows this kind of “ingenuity,� how can the organizer convince the general public for its credibility on giving such awards? Is the award giving body tolerating infringement?

  9. webwires Avatar

    As I’ve said earlier, I’m not fully aware of the contest rule. correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks.

  10. Webwires,
    Let me gather me go over these for a while. I’ll also be contacting the organizers. But at the outset, and with just a cursory reading of what you provided, let me just say that what probably differentiates the Bulacan application is the ability to remotely delete private data such as the messages, photos, video clips and contacts. But I’ll check and thanks for the feedback.

  11. webwires Avatar

    Hi Max, it’s me again, thanks for publishing my comment about the recent Smart Sweep Awards.

    I just want to point out that we cannot just ignore this. My friends and I have been in the WAP-GPRS world for almost 5 years and we already created a community. Most of our members are Philippine-based wapmasters, WAP developers and WAP engineers devoting time in reinventing WAP in the Philippines. I’m sure you are now aware that we existed.

    We have tried most applications available (from a remote control–your cell phone as remote control to your TV, DVD, component–online radio using our phone, online TV using our phone, send messages without revealing your own number. Can make your call looks like you are in the middle of EDSA etc.) That’s why, the moment we heard, actually we watched it on TV Patrol, we said to ourselves, and it’s been around for years. Guess the organizer is not aware of such applications and giving recognition to the students makes them a laughing stock. Filipinos are trying their best to bring back the glory we lost years ago. Please, don’t put [to the organizer] another burden to our fellow Filipinos by doing things like this.

    As you said, underscoring supplied… “Let me just say that what PROBABLY DIFFERENTIATES the Bulacan application is the ability to remotely delete private data such as the messages, photos, video clips and contacts.�

    Again, I have provided the information on application like Guardian, let me repost… “2. Guardian is an antitheft system for Series 60 devices. Every time you switch on your mobile telephone, Guardian proceeds with authentication of the inserted SIM card; if authentication fails, Guardian sends a notification SMS message to a previously set telephone number.�

    Since the underscoring supplied… let me repost it again “In addition, the system features remote control functions, i.e. deleting your photographs/phone book/text/messages/video/audio data in case of loss or theft of your mobile phone.�

    And now, it was televised on national TV. Foreign news can pick it up then what will happen? Boo us? The information was already available on the Internet and it is commercially available. You can buy the application at If a certain student or engineer, knows how to create a java software, and can open a certain applications, edit it, change its interface, rename and add some functions, still you can’t claim it that you created the application and worst bring it to a contest. Mistakes happens everyday and we can ALWAYS rectify it.

    If we allow this, then I rest my case.

  12. Webwires,
    I don’t think we should ever allow copying and I don’t think Smart allows it either. I have contacted the organizers and I told them to read your comments. I am sure they will look into it. I still have to go over the issue but I will as soon as I finish pending and urgent tasks.

    Thank you so much for the heads-up.

  13. Phone Guard Team Avatar
    Phone Guard Team

    Hi webwires,

    Been reading all your comments about the software… We are the team who created the application phone guard…

    First of all I just want to inform you that the application doesn’t came from anyone. We have ZERO idea that “PHONE GUARDIAN”, “SYMBIAN TOYS” and “MOBIGUARD” is existing at the time we proposed the application. This is just the pure idea of the team that we build and create. We just want to showcase our talents here and not to show any COPIED ideas.

    We start it from scratch and try to improve all the stuffs… By your words you are trying to accused us that our idea is just purely base on the existing application, which is not. 🙁

  14. webwires Avatar

    It me again, Max. That’s good news. I hope Smart will really focus on this matter. I just want to inform the public about the mistakes made at the recent Sweep Awards. It is the responsibility of the entrants (the students and faculty members of Bulacan State University to disclosed the information about the Smart Phone Guard). I also want to make it clear that I’m not related whatsoever to any entrants at the recent competition and I’m speaking in general.

    A got a copy of the complete Sweep Competition Handbook, read it carefully and here’s my comment…

    According to the Handbook “…The event presents the opportunity for budding engineers to showcase their technical know-how and ingenuity. This continuing initiative is a step towards fostering a culture of excellence and innovation from which will crop up the technological leaders of the future.�

    As I’ve said earlier, the said application was available years ago, I don’t know if they copied it, revised, altered etc., nevertheless, the application was commercially obtainable and they should not enter it into a competition and claim they created it. How can they be the future technology leaders? I appreciate the initiative of Smart Communications for having this kind of award but isn’t ironic that the latter is fostering a culture of excellence and innovation and the award supposed to be given to the future leaders, was awarded recently to the entrants whose works was based on the applications already on hand today?

    One of the criteria is, is it truly innovative? Is the application not currently existing or available? As what I’ve said from my previous posts, it was marketable through There’s no question about the innovation of the application but should we give credits to the original creator of this product?

    It also stated at the handbook, by joining the competition, IT WILL NOT INFRINGE on the intellectual property rights of any third party and wireless service applications that are already in commercial production MAY NOT BE ENTERED. Also the entrants, which is the students and faculty members SWEARS THAT THEIR ENTRY WAS NOT COPIED FROM ANY OTHER EXISTING WIRELESS APPLICATIONS. And the entrants also understand that if they did not comply with the conditions, the organizer will revoke their earlier decision of giving the said awards.

    Again, if the information I gathered was incomplete, quoted out of context or there’s other handbook used at the Sweep Awards, let me know


  15. webwires Avatar

    Hello Phone Guard Team,

    First, I want to make it clear (redundant ☺), I’m just stating the facts that the application you have created already existed. I said on my first entry that I don’t want to discredit you. If you are the creator, that’s good.

    Second, my point is, you have produced a device, which is already available, I can downloaded it using my WAP capable phone. I tried it way back 2004. If the application is similar to the application on hand today, it should not be entered into a competition with an initiative of fostering excellence and innovation.

    As you have said, you started it from scratch, don’t worry, let the Smart Engineers studied your application and see if it was not copied as you have said. By the way the word “COPIED� was on the Smart’s Third Sweep Innovation and Excellence Awards’ Competition Handbook not mine.

    Thanks guys!

  16. How can i download this application? pls. send reply..thanx.

  17. webwires Avatar

    Hi Max, no word from you, any updates from the Sweep Awards?

    Just want to add something, the Phone Guard Team, as quoted… “We have ZERO idea that “PHONE GUARDIAN,� “SYMBIAN TOYS� and “MOBIGUARD� is existing at the time we proposed the application…�

    Before anything else, I never mention “SYMBIAN TOYS,� where did you get it? ☺

    Isn’t a standard operation procedure before you create a certain ideas, invention to materialize, you should check first to avoid possible copyright infringement or contravention to the original product? By their words, it’s like that they don’t have any idea about Google.

    Google is a necessity nowadays, just like TV, radio, cable, microwave ovens, cell phone etc. If you want information, Google will be the first thing on your mind.

    Just type the keyword, “phone guard� and Google will show all possible lists. Add another prefix like anti-thief, mysymbian etc. whoala! You will get:

    Phone Guardian (Symbian) – Download
    Phone Guardian is a mobile security anti-thief software for your Series 60 v3 … Smart Guard Very good. Security system for your Series 60 cellphone…

    Guardian, The ultimate anti thief software [Archive] – Sexy …
    [Archive] Guardian, The ultimate anti thief software Mobile.

    I have presented the information you need, so that you and the organizer can verify my claims. If you need more, I’ll be happy to post it here.

    Ok, if the organizer will tolerate this, I will rest my case. I’ll just ask my nephew to search an innovative application available on the Internet using Google, perhaps explore too, download it and ask them to redesign it, rename it, and add some features similar to other applications available on the Internet. Then bring it to the 4th Sweep Awards. I will contest any decision of the body if that application doesn’t win. ☺

    Hmmm, I have a better plan, I will create a site similar to Google, copy its functions and rename it to Googlenoy (short for Google Pinoy) but I don’t have any idea about Google ok? Don’t question my innovativeness. ☺

    Thanks Max, for this space. I really appreciate it.

    Good morning ☺

  18. webwires Avatar

    Hi Max, talked to Smart Communications and the person’s in charge will call me soon for more information.

    By the way, thank you for calling their attentions about my comment. Thanks again.

  19. Purgedsoul Avatar

    Hi All,

    The developer of the above mention application are just doing what “Filipinos” do best copying.

    To quote from the video Pirates of Silicon Valley – “Good artists copy, great artists steal.”

  20. Purgedsoul Avatar

    Webwires, you beat me to the chase of posting a comment of how a similar application already existed before this one.

  21. User_666 Avatar

    THIS IS NONSENSE. pagkatapos ko mapanood sa tv ito, i was disappointed. I firmly believe that they modified a software called Guardian by symbian toys. Im using Guardian over 2 yrs now and sad to say, Filipinos are copycats of because of this. Such shameless students of BSU. Feel sorry because the international community is watching this stuff now.

  22. User_666 Avatar

    Copying is stealing. Showing to the world that you invented something when the truth is you modified a program that exists over 2 years now, pinabab nyo tingin ng iba sa mga filipino. To the BSU students, the media will know also your REVERSE engineering. How come you end up with an idea that a anti theft software with hiding ability and remote access without seeing Guardianâ„¢ by Symbian-Toys?? Original idea???? Nonsense.

  23. Guys,
    Smart is looking into the issue. Let’s just wait for their word on it before we arrive into a conclusion.

    I think the best way to settle it is to look into how the programs were written and to compare their codes.

  24. webwires Avatar

    Hi Max,

    All has been said here.

    It is not important how they write the codes. The factual facts is, the Smart Phone Guard created by the students of Bulacan State University is similar or a mere copycat? of “GUARDIAN” symbian application, which is commercially available at If the Guardian application was written in A, B, C and the students of Bulacan State University writes the so-called “WE’RE NOT AWARE-OWN IDEAS” in X, Y, Z and produces the same functions with different interface, still they cannot claim it and bring it to a contest to win because it will fall under the copyright infringement due to the availability of a similar applications on hand more than 2 years ago.

    I have raised some questions and still answered.

    What in stake here is:
    1. Reputation – The reputation of Smart Communications as leader in innovation.
    2. Integrity – The integrity of Smart Communications as an organization with 25 million subscribers and as a company.
    3. Credibility – The credibility of Smart Sweep Innovation and Excellence Awards, fostering students to excel in innovation to be the future technology leaders.
    4. Social Responsibility – Smart Communications has the responsibility to the Filipino people and to the international community as well, in protecting innovative ideas and copyrighted materials.

    We don’t want to condemn the students of Bulacan State University but merely we want the general public understand what we are commenting here.

    It is my responsibility; it is the responsibility of the blogger, which is one of the judges at the recent 3rd Sweep Awards; it is the responsibility of the student of Bulacan State University, once and for all disclose all information about the Smart Phone Guard symbian application; and also, it is the responsibility of the faculty members of Bulacan State University to take part.

    We ask Smart Communications to investigate this as soon as possible and decide favorable to the general public. The WAP/WEB Community is waiting for its official statement.

    Again, my sincere thanks to Max for giving us space.

    Until my next comment.

  25. Purgedsoul Avatar

    The worst thing is if they have gotten it from an open source project, and not acknowledge that it is open source. It’s a serious blow to the open source community.

  26. webwires Avatar

    Hi Purdgesoul,

    Guardian application by Symbian Toys is a freeware…

    According to the… Freeware is a copyrighted software given away for free by the author. Although it is available for free, the author retains the copyright, which means that you cannot do anything with it that is not expressly allowed by the author. Usually, the author allows people to use the software, but not sell it.

    and also

    According to the… Freeware is Freeware (not to be confused with free software) is programming that is offered at no cost and is a common class of small applications available for downloading and use in most operating systems. Because it may be copyrighted, you may or may not be able to reuse it in programming you are developing. The least restrictive “no-cost” programs are uncopyrighted programs that are in the public domain. When reusing public domain software in your own programs, it’s good to know the history of the program so that you can be sure it really is in the public domain. Free software, a somewhat newer and unrelated concept, is software that can be freely used, modified, and redistributed with only one restriction: any redistributed version of the software must be distributed with the original terms of free use, modification, and distribution (known as copyleft). The definition of free software is stipulated as part of the GNU project and by the Free Software Foundation. Unlike freeware, free software may be distributed for a fee. Freeware is liable to be more limited in capability than free software.

  27. Hi Webwires,

    I think it is still important to look into how the programs were coded. Why? If the application submitted was a copy, with minor modifications, then the issue is settled. No amount of explanation from the students will suffice.

    But what if the application was coded differently? We now then should look into whether the students copied the features of an existing application. Just to put things in perspective, though, the features of the application were proposed last October. As you said, an existing one already had the same features and it was already available two years ago.

    Smart is looking into it. I prefer to wait until I get the official result of their investigation to comment on it. I want to know whether the application or idea was copied. Has Smart contacted you? Do send me an update if you have one.

    What really gets my goat is that I had planned to blog about the finalists before the actual event itself. I though of trying to get as many comments as I can from readers by writing about the applications here. I also searched using keywords related to the features (not the name of the application) but I only stopped at the first page of the result because I have a lot of offline tasks. I went into “judging mode” when I was already in Manila for the event.

  28. User_666 Avatar

    ECE ako, at the same time programmer ako. Download ko kya Guardianâ„¢ by Symbian Toys tpos kunin ko ung pinakacore nya tpos plitan ko interface plitan ko rin name nya. Tatrawagin ko imbensyon kong SMART COPY GUARDâ„¢. ok ba mga pare tpos isali ko sa contest.

  29. purgedsoul Avatar

    User_666, nice idea. You will automatically win an award worth 2 ASEAN summit lamposts, value price courtesy of DPWH. 😉

  30. webwires Avatar

    Hi Max, talked to Smart and advises to wait, whatever the outcome, will respect it. Thanks.

  31. Hi all,

    I’m the official Guardian developer.
    I’ve received many emails about this contest and the claimed “invention”.

    First Guardian Beta (with remote control features) was released on 25/Mar/2005 about 2 years ago on some Italian newsgroups and forums

    And the final version is available since 1/Feb/2006 on official website

    I haven’t any other words, of course, I’m really not much happy today.
    Regards, Marco.

  32. webwires Avatar

    Hi Max, busy with day to day work 🙂

    You have a point regarding the codes, if the said application were the same from the original application, no amount of explanations needed but if the application was coded differently, you have a point also in looking unto whether the students copied the features, ideas and concepts of an existing application. If all this inquiries will result in innovation was based on existing application then should we accept that all applications will be based on ideas already existed? and should we also accept that concepts of one people can be the concept of the other?

    As we are awaiting for the results… I have some questions and thoughts…

    First, the innovation awards:
    1. If the innovation award was based on existing application and they can encode it with their own codes without seeing the original codes then we should not be here.
    2. If the innovation award was based on existing ideas, concepts of other people and they can encode it with their own codes without seeing the original codes then we should not be here also.
    3. If the innovation award was based on features already on hand, and the so called “innovation” is like adapting new or adding new features but the main idea, concept, feature was based on other people’s idea, concept, feature and they can encode it with their own codes without seeing the original codes then we should not be here in the first place.
    4. If the innovation award was erroneously tag by television networks as an “invention” why they haven’t ask or initiated to correct it?

    If all this inquiries was based on this, and reacting to a news reports erroneously tagging the winner of the innovation awards as the creator of an “invention” by television networks and they haven’t done anything to correct it, then we should give all credits to the students and apologize for interpreting the informations available made by the organizer (the Competition Handbook) and the news organization.

    Second, about the innovation awards’ rules:
    1. Who created the rules?
    2. Who set the rules?
    3. Who should implement the rules?
    4. Who should interpret the rules?
    5. Can it be interpreted differently?
    6. Can it be interpreted based on facts not by their own opinions?
    7. Can it be interpreted based on references acceptable to all not by their own personal opinions?
    8. Can it be interpreted based on the general rules of procedure not on bias opinions?

    Hope we can find answers to these questions…

    For the benefit of the public, I have asked the permission of Marco Bellino to republish his comment:

    Hello webwires,

    Guardian is not open-source, so I can’t provide you the source (c++ not java). That guys haven’t stolen the Guardian’s code, they took the Guardian concept/idea and wrote a new software (a clone) providing the same Guardian’s features (AntiTheft with Remote Control). They invented nothing. They just stolen mine original idea making their own clone. For sure, there isn’t nothing innovative in their clone.

    Regards, Marco.

    Again, we just want the truth and settle this queries as soon as possible.

  33. salinlahiX Avatar

    Hi Max,

    I’m glad to have browsed your page. The reason is that I thought nobody cares about this Smart/PhoneGuard issue. Like the others, I also noticed the striking similarity between the PhoneGuard idea and the Guardian(by symbian-toys) idea. As a subscriber, I tried to notify Smart, being the organizer of the contest. As of today, I haven’t received news about the issue except that they are looking into it.

    In my opinion, if I may, it is important that the contestants write an original code for the application. However, it is equally important for them to make sure that the idea of their entry is an “innovation”. I think that it should be their responsibility to exhaust reasonable effort to make sure of that. How hard is it to browse the net for applications already available for symbian operated phones?

    I think not only the reputation of the winners,organizer and judges is at stake here. Now that Mr. Bellino, and maybe other foreigners in the field of ICT, is aware of the issue, the reputation of the country is somehow at stake. Just imagine if Smart would adopt the PhoneGuard as a standard feature of their service. Wouldn’t that be embarassing for us Filipinos?

    It’s been some time since the issue was brought to the attention of Smart. I wonder what happened to their inquiry. I mean, how long does it take to compare codes? If there is already a result, shouldn’t they inform the public in the same manner as when they announced the winners.

    Again, the above are just my opinion. Thanks and more power to you!

  34. user_666 Avatar

    Damn Smart Telecom!!!!! WLA PANG 1MB ang isang standard application sa symbian platform. Mbilis kng makita kung kinopya and yet weeks and weeks and weeks still they dont know if they based it on guardian!????! Kelenagn pa bang icontact si mike enriquez para maimbestigador iyan…… Di ko kyo tatantanan!

  35. Anonymouse Avatar

    I’ve just read this article after reading the ‘PLDT Landline Plus goes prepaid: Turn any GSM phone into a portable “landlineâ€?’ (which has a “related link” to this post).

    So what happened to the issue of the “Smart Phone Guard” being a RIPOFF and not truly original? I know it has been a year but I’m just curious, were they disqualified at all knowing that they broke the rules (at least to my understanding)?

    If they weren’t disqualified, then that’s just a proof on how we Filipinos solve our problems: WE REALLY DON’T!!! I mean pinalilipas lang ang mga isyu at usapan pero in the end wala pa rin aksyon.

    I’m not saying that their application is useless. It’s just that it wasn’t original or innovative.

    I hope that Max, one of the judges in the said competition, can give us a light on this issue.

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