Smart unveils netbook with built-in Smart Bro connectivity

Smart Communications Inc. has launched the country’s first netbook with a built-in high-speed broadband connectivity through Smart Bro.

Smart , in a press statement, said Smart Bro wireless broadband modems now come embedded on certain units of the Asus Eee PC 904 GO. The built-in modem allows the Asus Eee PC 904 GO to access the Internet through Smart’s nationwide HSPA (High Speed Packet Access) network. The network offers speeds of up to 2 mbps in key cities in the country.

The device, the company said, will allow users “a complete, ready-to-run Internet experience in an all-in-one device, right out of the box.”

Asus Eee PC 904 GO with Smart BRO
The Smart Bro-powered Asus Eee PC 904 GO is available via the Plan 799 monthly subscription, which comes with 60 hours of Internet access. Usage in excess of 60 hours will be charged P10 for every 30 minutes.

“Initial cash-out for the 24-month subscription is P1,000 for the laptop plus P799 for the first monthly service fee, for a total of P1,799. The same amount goes for the monthly fee for the package,” Smart said in its press statement.

The product offering is part of Smart’s push to widen access to high-speed broadband Internet.

By Max Limpag

Max is a journalist and blogger based in Cebu City, Philippines. He is co-founder of the journalism start-up InnoPub Media.