Server wiki upgrades

Serversidewiki and ZiddlyWiki have been upgraded. Serversidewiki now sports a new theme (blue) that you can change in the settings of your account. ZiddlyWiki now uses the Kubrick theme as default.

I use both applications for my notes. ZiddlyWiki is a very good TiddlyWiki adaptation but it runs on Zope Ė a system I am ignorant of. It took me a long time to write an index page for my free Zope account but installing ZiddlyWiki took much less time, thanks to the step-by-step instructions of Tim Morgan, the applicationís developer.

Serversidewiki is a hosted service. It plans to start charging on Sept. 6 but thereís still a free account. If you do not have the time to experiment with server installations, then serversidewiki is the application for you. You can sign up for an account at

I use ZiddlyWiki for the brunt of my note taking and tasks listing. I use serversidewiki for specific projects. How I decided on the usage of the application is the subject of a previous post in this blog.

ZiddlyWikiís decision to use Kubrick as default theme goes beyond cosmetic change. The menu is now in the sidebar, breaking the limit imposed by a horizontal placement under the wikiís header.

In the previous ZiddlyWiki default theme, users are limited to 5 or 6 main menu items because if you exceed the number, the menu will overlap the sidebar.

I upgraded my ZiddlyWiki installation by downloading the latest version, importing it into my Zope account and pasting the tiddlers folder of my previous installation into the new one. I deleted my old ZiddlyWiki installation and renamed the new one. Thatís when I encountered trouble. A bunch of errors were printed when I tried accessing my wiki using the new address. The errors were fixed when I renamed the folder back to ZiddlyWiki.

I have no idea what the errors were, much more how to fix these (save for renaming the folder back to its default name: ZiddlyWiki).

By Max Limpag

Max is a journalist and blogger based in Cebu City, Philippines. He is co-founder of the journalism start-up InnoPub Media.