Running WordPress 2.0 beta

I installed WordPress 2.0 beta for a demo site in my server and I had to dig into my reservoir of willpower to stop myself from upgrading this blog.

I’m scheduled to talk on blogging on Monday to a group of National Power Corp. workers. I already had demo installations in various free PHP/MySQL accounts but I decided last night to put up a demo installation in this server for use in blogging talks and for my experiments on WordPress.

I’ve already been using upgraded features in WordPress in my personal blog, which is hosted in The features of the coming release are really great. The use of Ajax in various parts of the blog management interface helps make running a WordPress blog easier and nicer.

The memory of losing at least 50 blog posts in a previous botched upgrade (when I was still using Serendipity) helped me stop myself from upgrading this site. All the time, I kept saying to myself “come on, you have backups to everything.” Nah, I’ll just wait for the final release.

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