Protopage vs. serverside TiddlyWiki – which works best for you?

I stumbled upon a link to in The description and the fact that a lot of people had bookmarked it intrigued me. Protopage is an online, personal start page powered by Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML).

With protopage, you can have an online list of the sites that you frequent as well as a to-do listing of tasks similar to sticky notes. Many people write their own HTML page containing links to frequently visited sites to serve as their browsers’ start page. Protopage would be an excellent replacement for this.

But having been a heavy user of TiddlyWiki adaptations for months now, I don’t see much use for protopage. It is slow in dialup connections because the page saves the positions of the notes and links panel – which you can drag around the page.

If all you want is an easy to maintain page containing a listing of your frequently visited websites and your to-do lists, protopage may serve you well. But if you’re the type who needs more than just a compilation of links and to-do lists – you’re better off opening an account with or using ZiddlyWiki on a free Zope server.

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2 responses

  1. Are you automating the creation of the references to the doc? I mean, on, you have a 2 in superscript (along with a bunch of other references).

    Do you add these things by hand each time you write a page?


    Are you going to abandon WordPress?

    Just curious.


  2. For the footnotes, I use the footnotes WordPress plugin available at to create footnotes you just use the rel attribute of the link.

    Are you going to abandon WordPress?
    No. I love WordPress. It has the best collection of themes and plugins among the blog tools out there. Serendipity is also a great blog tool and it used to be my blog CMS of choice.

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