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With the number of blogs discussing Philippine politics, how does one monitor postings without getting tied up in blog-hopping for hours? With an RSS reader, of course. I recommend Google Reader even if it suffers short (less than a minute) downtimes once every few days. Bloglines, the reader I used before I transferred to Google Reader, is also a good online RSS reader. I still use Bloglines as backup, though. You can share feeds between different RSS readers by exporting and importing your subscriptions.

If you already have an account, add the feeds listed below. In Google Reader, I label them as pinoypolitics. This isn’t an exhaustive list, if you spot feeds that should be listed here, just leave the address in the comments section.

The names are hyperlinked to their feeds so that you’d have the option of either right clicking on them to select Copy Link Location or you can just highlight the feed address to copy them.

Inside PCIJ:
Manuel Quezon III:
Manolo’s FeedBurner feed had just been set up, I used to subscribed to his built-in WordPress feed. If you want to listen to his series of podcasts, here’s the feed:
INQ7 Breaking News:
Sassy Lawyer:
Philippine Commentary:
Ed Lacierda:
Philippine Politics ’04:
Sun.Star Arroyo Watch:
Mongster’s nest:
Alleba politics:
Philippine Politics ’04:
John Nery’s Newsstand:
Jove Francisco:
Ricky Carandang:
RG Cruz:
Ellen Tordesillas:
Ducky Paredes:
Union of Filipino Foreign Service Officers ( UNIFFORS )

Gloria Arroyo search result in Google Blog Search: Just right click on the link, it’s rather long and I fear that printing it here would break the three-column layout I spent a lot of time trying to fix. The link I chose is for 100 results, if you only want 10, use this link

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