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I’ve been using the FAlbum WordPress plugin to display my Flickr photos in this site since last year. But for a couple of months, some of my Flickr pictures won’t load in this site. I tried fresh installs and waded through both the plugin’s forum and the WordPress support site but I still could not find anything I could use to fix the error.

I visited the plugin’s site last week and found that the author released a new version. I also found that the plugin I’m using was already two version late from the latest one. I re-installed FAlbum and when I checked this site, I found that the photos page was again working.

If you’re upgrading, please change your falbum-wp.php file. Before I changed mine, I encountered a bunch of errors when I clicked on the photo gallery. I fixed it by editing the file using the instructions here.

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  1. Hi Max. I’m using a WordPress template for my blog. Is there any other way of posting photos other than through Internet-based image hosts? I want to post photos in my blog that will allow a word wrap. Thanks and keep blogging!

  2. Gabriel,
    You can choose to host the photos in your website account but that would take up part of your hosting space and bandwidth. I suggest you just host the photos with or
    To wrap photos, just use the align tag in the image look for the part of the code that displays the image, the part were you can find img src, after that you get the alt attributes then height and width, just put align=left or right

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