Personalizing another great WordPress theme

I’ve decided to switch themes (again). I’m personalizing the Phoenixrealm template, an excellent WordPress theme that’s simple and easy on the eyes. The original theme had a black background but I wanted a graphical background, something with diagonal lines- the type of backgrounds you see in sites like TechCrunch.

If you only want graphic patterns for your website background, you can use the background image maker in this site. The site allows you to choose the pattern-slashes, horizontal lines, dots or gradient-and the color of the background.

I was finally able to create my own background image complete with diagonal lines and color gradations using this very good step-by-step tutorial on Photoshop by LpT designs. I also followed this glassy icons Photoshop tutorial by Fadedpixel for the glassy appearance of the black in my website background.

Phoenixrealm doesn’t come with Gravatars support out of the box and I managed to enable it in my site by following the instructions of the plugin author.

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