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If you’re using a free web or blog service like MySpace or Friendster, you’d have a long domain name like username. blogs. /your blog name or www. username and some number.

This is fine when you’re just interacting in the Web, when all users have to do is click on a link to get to your blog. But when someone asks you for your blog address, can you just say it to him or her or do you have to write it down? Chances are, you’d need to write it down because of the length of the URL.

You can shorten your free blog or website URL by using redirection services. I’ve tried several redirection services in the past, when I was still using free website hosting. The problem with these services was that they’d put pop-up or pop-under ads or even a landing page. Enter URLdoctor.

URLdoctor is a service that allows you to shorten and personalize your long domain, making it not only easier to remember but also reflect your personality. What’s great about the service is that it offers a lot of choices–the site lists 2,500 options–and it doesn’t display a pop-up advertisement.

URLdoctor offers a variety of domain name choices, from sports teams (baseball, basketball, and American football) like, to statements like or, to occupation domains like

Note to Filipino activists: there’s an redirection.

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4 responses

  1. Hey this URLdoctor sounds interesting, but is it gonna slow down blog loading time?

  2. This is good idea, but i think that the best way is using thist domaine name, but it is important to say that you must pay some money. But not nuch.

  3. i prefer to use

    it is very simple + you can add your link to the top. perfect if you want to get more visitors to your site 🙂

  4. Thanks! I did not knew that this is possible.

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